North Omaha History Topics

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Intro to the History of North Omaha

  1. A Timeline of North Omaha History
  2. A Short History of North Omaha, Part 1
  3. Community Leaders in North Omaha
  4. Hospitals and Healthcare in North Omaha
  5. Architecture in North Omaha
  6. North Omaha’s Movie Theaters
  7. Vehicles Made in North Omaha
  8. Grocery Stores in North Omaha
  9. North Omaha Architectural Gems
  10. Fur Trading in North Omaha
  11. Railroads in North Omaha
  12. Native Americans in North Omaha
  13. Scandinavians in North Omaha
  14. North Omaha’s Jewish Community
  15. North Omaha’s Social Clubs and Socials Halls
  16. 117 Over 117: The Oldest Places in North Omaha
  17. North Omaha’s Historic Apartments
  18. North Omaha’s Historic Gas Stations
  19. Lead Poisoning in North Omaha
  20. Higher Education in North Omaha

Historic Towns in North Omaha

  1. The Lost Towns in North Omaha
  2. A History of Irvington
  3. A History of DeBolt
  4. A History of Saratoga
  5. A History of East Omaha
  6. A History of Florence

Historic Schools in North Omaha

  1. A History of Schools in North Omaha
  2. Fort Street Special School for Incorrigible Boys
  3. Nebraska School for the Deaf
  4. Omaha Technical High School
  5. Omaha North High School
  6. Monmouth Park Elementary School
  7. University of Omaha
  8. Lake School

Historic Houses in North Omaha

  1. An Intro to the Oldest Houses in North Omaha
  2. Mansions and Estates in North Omaha
  3. North Omaha’s Mergen House
  4. North Omaha’s Burkenroad House aka Broadview Hotel aka Trimble Castle
  5. North Omaha’s Ernie Chambers Court, aka Strehlow Terrace
  6. 3155 Meredith Avenue
  7. 5815 Florence Boulevard
  8. 2936 North 24th Street
  9. 6711 North 31st Avenue
  10. 3210 North 21st Street
  11. 4517 Browne Street
  12. 6327 Florence Boulevard
  13. A Sod House in North Omaha
  14. The James Comey Mitchell House in Florence
  15. North Omaha’s McCreary Mansion
  16. North Omaha’s Parker Estate
  17. North Omaha’s J. J. Brown Mansion
  18. North Omaha’s Poppleton Estate
  19. North Omaha’s Redick Mansion
  20. North Omaha’s Thomas Mansion
  21. North Omaha’s John E. Reagan House
  22. North Omaha’s Brandeis Country Home
  23. North Omaha’s Bailey Residence
  24. North Omaha’s Lantry – Thompson Mansion
  25. North Omaha’s McLain Mansion
  26. North Omaha’s Stroud Mansion
  27. The Governor’s Estate in North Omaha
  28. Anna Wilson’s Mansion in North Omaha

Historic Water in North Omaha

  1. Florence Lake
  2. Walnut Hill Pumping Station and Reservoir
  3. Omaha Municipal Beach
  4. Minne Lusa Creek
  5. Pries Lake
  6. Courtland Beach
  7. Carter Lake
  8. Florence Water Works and Minne Lusa Pumping Station

Historic Neighborhoods in North Omaha

  1. Historic Neighborhoods in North Omaha
  2. Logan Fontenelle Housing Projects
  3. Spencer Street Projects
  4. Kountze Place Neighborhood
  5. The Ponca Hills
  6. Winspear Triangle
  7. North Omaha Bottoms
  8. Bungalow City
  9. Wyman Heights Neighborhood” by Patrick Wyman
  10. Central Park Neighborhood
  11. Miller Park Neighborhood
  12. Near North Side Neighborhood
  13. Walnut Hill Neighborhood
  14. Squatter’s Row
  15. Belvedere Point Neighborhood
  16. Florence Field Neighborhood
  17. Kellom Heights Neighborhood
  18. Collier Place Neighborhood
  19. Scriptown
  20. Orchard Hill Neighborhood
  21. Binney Street Historic District
  22. Wirt Street Historical District
  23. Gold Coast Historic District
  24. Bemis Park Landmark Heritage District
  25. The Recent History of 24th and Lake Historic District
  26. North Omaha’s 24th and Lake Historic District
  27. North Omaha’s 30th and Ames Historic Commercial District
  28. North Omaha’s 20th and Lake Historic Commercial District
  29. North 24th and Fort Streets Historic Commercial District
  30. North 40th and Hamilton Streets Historic Commercial District
  31. North 16th and Locust Street Historic Commercial District
  32. Miller Park Duplex Historic District
  33. Minne Lusa Historic District
  34. North Downtown Omaha

Historic Transportation in North Omaha

  1. Streetcars in North Omaha
  2. J. J. Pershing Drive and Monument
  3. Omaha’s River Drive
  4. Cuming Street
  5. Florence Boulevard
  6. Streetcars in Benson
  7. North 24th Street
  8. North 16th Street aka Sherman Avenue

Historic People in North Omaha

  1. Black History in Omaha
  2. James M. Parker
  3. Notable People from North Omaha
  4. Dan Desdunes
  5. Selina Carter Cornish” by Jody Lovallo
  6. Mildred Brown” by Jody Lovallo
  7. African American Firsts in Omaha
  8. George Smith
  9. George B. Lake
  10. Dr. Marguerita Washington
  11. Joseph P. Guth
  12. ‘Cap’ Clarenence Wigington” by Linda Williams
  13. Jacob Maag
  14. Eugene Skinner
  15. Robert Strehlow
  16. Historic Crime Bosses in North Omaha
  17. Cyrus H. Tator
  18. Thomas Cuming” by Ryan Roenfeld
  19. An Unsolved Murder in North Omaha
  20. Granny Weatherford
  21. Malcolm X
    1. Malcolm X Park
    2. Malcolm X Birthsite
    3. Malcolm X Day

Historic Organizations in North Omaha

  1. A Timeline of the Omaha DePorres Club
  2. Omaha’s Citizens Civic Committee for Civil Liberties, or 4CL
  3. Omaha Black Panthers
  4. Black Association for Nationalism through Unity (BANTU)
  5. Omaha NAACP Youth Council
  6. North Omaha Gene Eppley Boys Club
  7. North Omaha’s Colored Old Folks Home
  8. Omaha Colored Commercial Club
  9. Midwest Athletic Club
  10. The CCC Camp in Omaha
  11. Beverly Blackburn and North Omaha’s JFK Rec Center
  12. The Elks Hall and Iroquois Lodge #92
  13. Omaha Driving Park
  14. The North Omaha Public Library
  15. North Omaha’s Ak-Sar-Ben Den
  16. Druid Hall” by Karen Clopton
  17. Carter Lake Club
  18. Prairie Park Club
  19. Omaha Rod and Gun Club
  20. The Viking Ship
  21. A History of Fort Omaha, Part 1
  22. A History of Fort Omaha, Part 2
  23. Fort Omaha Balloon School

Historic Parks in North Omaha

  1. Kountze Park
  2. Fontenelle Park
  3. Danish Vennelyst Park
  4. Sand Point Beach and Lakeview Amusement Park
  5. Miller Park
  6. Adams Park
  7. Hummel Park
  8. The Lost Monument” by Michele Wyman
  9. The Mormon Tree

Historic Businesses in North Omaha

  1. Mama Mac’s Hash House aka University Diner
  2. Carter’s Cafe
  3. Fair Deal Cafe
  4. Tic Toc Diner
  5. Live Wire Cafe
  6. Blue Lion Center
  7. Minne Lusa Theatre
  8. Carnation Ballroom
  9. Metropolitan Building and Loan Association
  10. Tidy House Products Company Factory
  11. Reed’s Ice Cream
  12. Omaha Auto Speedway
  13. Pleasure Pier and Kiddieland in East Omaha
  14. Skeet’s BBQ
  15. Provident Hospital
  16. North Side Bank
  17. Immanuel Hospital
  18. King Solomon’s Mines
  19. Jim Bell’s Club Harlem
  20. Badger Body and Truck Equipment Company
  21. Mr. C’s Restaurant
  22. Fort Lisa
  23. Truck Farms
  24. Cabannè’s Trading Post
  25. The Stage II Lounge
  26. Lane Drug Stores
  27. Stroud Company Factory
  28. J. F. Bloom Company
  29. The Omaha Star
  30. Eppley Airfield
  31. Black-Owned Hotels
  32. Strorz Brewery
  33. North Omaha Radar Station
  34. Ohio Fish Market
  35. Douglas Motors Corporation Factory
  36. Belt Line Railway

Historic Churches in North Omaha

  1. Historic Churches of North Omaha
  2. Historic Black Churches
  3. Pearl Memorial United Methodist Church
  4. St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Parish and the Bryant Resource Center
  5. Zion Baptist Church
  6. St. Clare’s Monastery / Starlight Chateau
  7. Omaha Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  8. A History of Covenant Presbyterian Church

Historic Events in North Omaha

  1. A North Omaha History Tour
  2. Omaha Civil Rights Movement (1865-2016)
  3. Near North YMCA (1951-1995)
  4. Jack Johnson Riots (1910)
  5. North Omaha Riots (1966-1969)
  6. Easter Sunday Tornado (1913)
  7. Greater America Exposition (1899)
  8. Redlining in Omaha (1921-1964)
  9. June 1969 Riot
  10. Relocating the Trans-Mississippi Exposition (1894-1898)
  11. Demolishing the Expos (1898-1899)

Historic Cemeteries in North Omaha

  1. Cemeteries in North Omaha
  2. Digging Up the Dead
  3. North Omaha’s Missing Cemeteries
  4. Prospect Hill Cemetery

North Omaha Ghost Stories

  1. Historical North Omaha Ghost Stories
  2. Historical Ghost Stories from Fort Omaha
  3. A Historical Ghost Story from North Omaha’s Immanuel Hospital
  4. A Historical Carter Lake Ghost Story
  5. A Historical Ghost Story from North Omaha’s Prospect Hill Cemetery

Other Omaha-Related Writing

  1. Bombings in Omaha
  2. Racism in Omaha
  3. Segregated Schools in Omaha, Nebraska
  4. Mob Terrorism in Omaha
  5. African American Politics in Omaha
  6. A Timeline of Race and Racism in Omaha
  7. African American Poverty in Omaha
  8. African American Newspapers in Omaha
  9. Eddie Cudahy, Jr.
  10. Omaha Market House
  11. An Inconvenient But Truthful History (An Editorial)
  12. A Future of North Omaha History (An Editorial)
  13. MY North Omaha
  14. Review of ‘A Thousand Honey Creeks: A life in music from Basie to Motown’ by Preston Love, Sr.
  15. Pinney Farm Murders

Special Series by Michael Richardson

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