Inconvenient but Truthful History

Some memories don’t want to be remembered. Growing up in North Omaha in the 1980s and 90s, they weren’t romantic times. My neighborhood around Miller Park Elementary School was in steady decline the entire time I lived there, and as far as I’ve seen and read, has been ever since. The City of Omaha has showed gross neglect for the historic homes throughout the community, and many people there experience the oppressive realities of the city every single day.

The picture above is of the area around 30th and Fort Streets in the 1980s. Its not a wonderful picture filled with light and optimism. Instead, it shows some of the construction that was ongoing in our neighborhood for a decade as Sorenson Parkway was built to shuttle people quickly past the blight we lived in. It shows the lost relic of Bronco’s, which was replaced with the corporate mess of Sonic and Popeye’s later.

It doesn’t show Mister C’s, which has been a decrepit pit of despair ever since Mr. C sold it to retire. It doesn’t show the gang bangers and street fights, drug pits or prostitution that thrive. It doesn’t show a community that tried to maintain its pride until… Well, in some ways its still trying.

Share your memories with me and lets get them online. Inconvenient but truthful history is my favorite.

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