A History of Houses in North Omaha

Orchard Hill, North Omaha, Nebraska

People need houses. Every place where people live has a past. All houses have a design, whether intentional or coincidental. This is a history of houses in North Omaha.

House Histories

A conservative estimate shows that have been more than 25,000 houses built in North Omaha since 1846. In the region of the city extending from North 72nd east to the Missouri River and from Dodge Street north to the Washington County line, countless homesteads, farms, housing developments, subdivisions, and individual homes have covered every size of lot. They include the cribs in the Sporting District where underage prostitutes sold their bodies in the 1870s; the deluxe upper middle class homes covering Herman Kountze’s fanciful neighborhood in the 1880s; the quarter acre lots of the upscale Fairview neighborhood in the 1950s, and; the urbane and modern Highlander neighborhood of the 2000s.

Individual Addresses

Here are some of the individual house histories in North Omaha I’ve researched and written.

There are literally thousands more to write. What would you like to read about? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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