This is a 1971 pic of the sign for the Florence Community Center located at N. 30th and Clay Streets. Pic courtesy of the Durham Museum.

A History of the Florence Building

The Florence Main Street is filled with several important buildings that tell the neighborhood’s history from 1856 until today. One of the most important has been a social hall, gymnasium, public library, and is now a college. This is a history of the original Florence Community Center, also called the Florence Building.

Terrell McKinney. District 11. Nebraska Legislature. November 9, 2020. Photo by Craig Chandler / University Communication

A Biography of Terrell McKinney

This is a biography of Terrell McKinney (b. 1990) of North Omaha, Nebraska, the 14th African American legislator to serve in the Nebraska Legislature since 1892.

North Downtown Omaha, Nebraska

A History of the Jefferson Square Neighborhood

This is a history of Omaha’s first public park; first public school; it’s Native American neighborhood; and it’s “Hobo Park,” all wrapped up in one. This is a history of Jefferson Square in Omaha, Nebraska.