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History of Hungarians in North Omaha

One of Omaha’s most distinct immigrant populations has nearly disappeared from the city’s identity. This is a history of Hungarians in Omaha.

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History of the Tip Top Products Company

Millions of bobby pins, pink hair curlers, and other products came flying out of the Tip Top Products Company factories in Omaha. This is a history of the company.

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History of Cass Street School

Located in the original Near North Side neighborhood, one grade school at North 14th and Cass Street served immigrants, African Americans, adults, and others. Today the school is largely forgotten.

19th century 20th century architecture Demolished buildings ethnic groups Immigrants Lost history Near North Side North Downtown schools

A History of the North Omaha School aka Izard School

Omaha had a hard time getting its public school system going. Once they got going, it took more than a decade to build a second school. However, when it opened on the outskirts of the city at North 17th and Izard Streets, the new school was the grandest building of its time. This is a history of the North Omaha School, aka the Izard School.

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A History of the Zabriskie Mansion in North Omaha by Jody Lovallo

Adam’s Note: This is a guest article by Jody Lovallo in her continuing series about important women in North Omaha history. Check out the “You Might Like…” section below for links to her other articles. Enjoy “A History of the Zabriskie Mansion” by Jody Lovallo.

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A History of the Mormon Bridge in North Omaha

Built on the rock bottom of the Missouri River, dreams of today’s Mormon Bridge go back to 1846. This article explores the history of the bridge, the ferries, the politics and more.

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A History of the Omaha View Neighborhood in North Omaha

This is a history of North Omaha’s Omaha View neighborhood, one of the city’s oldest western expanses.