North Omaha History Podcast with Adam Fletcher SasseNorth Omaha History Podcast with Adam Fletcher Sasse

Each week, North Omaha historian Adam Fletcher Sasse takes listeners on a dynamic journey into Omaha history! His topics cover the people, places, events and more that shaped Omaha into the great city it is today. Subscribe on iTunes or listen to the shows using the links below – they’re FREE! 



Episode 1: Fur Trading in Omaha

In our first episode, Adam Fletcher Sasse explains how Omaha’s fur trading roots still affect the community today. He explains Fort Lisa and Cabanne’s Post and how Bellevue came to be a fur trading center. All of this happened before Omaha was founded!


Episode 2: Early African American Leaders in Omaha

Adam Fletcher Sasse takes us back to the 19th century to let us know about Omaha’s earliest African American leaders including Silas Robbins, Dr. Matthew Ricketts, the Singleton family, John Grant Pegg and into the 20th century with Clarence Wigington and Mildred Brown.


Episode 3: Early North Omaha Community Leaders, Part 1

In this episode, Adam Fletcher Sasse talks about early leaders in the Omaha community, including, believe it or not, Brigham Young! Also, learn about the founders of Florence, Saratoga, and Sulphur Springs, as well as the Kountze brothers.


Episode 4: Kountze Place

Adam Fletcher Sasse tells us about the Omaha neighborhood laid out in 1882 by banker Herman Kountze. Omaha’s bankers, lawyers, doctors and business leaders lived in Kountze Place at the turn of the last century. It was a commuter suburb, reachable only by streetcars. Learn about the the mansion and attractions at Kounze Place.


Episode 5: Omaha’s Jack Johnson Riot

Adam Fletcher Sasse takes us back to the turn of the last century and exams the roots of riots and civil unrest in Omaha. He starts by examining the notorious bout of world heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson vs. James Jeffries in Reno Nevada in 1910, and explores what’s happened in Omaha before and after that.


Episode 6: Prospect Hill Cemetery

Coming Soon!

(March 2017; mins)

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Episode 7: North 16th Street

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(March 2017; mins)

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