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FREE North Omaha History Presentations

Free North Omaha history presentations by Adam Fletcher Sasse!

Does your community organization, history class or neighborhood program want to learn more about North Omaha history?!? I want to share! For absolutely free, I will present to your group using Skype or Google groups. You only need to set up the date with me, agree on the topic and pull together your people. I LOVE presenting, I’m a professional at it, I take questions A LOT, and North Omaha history is one of my favorite topics!


Some of the topics I cover related to North Omaha include…

  • People: Figures throughout the community’s history, including political, social, athletes and entertainers, and others
  • Places: Neighborhoods, buildings, places, architecture and more
  • Events: From a Wild West hanging to the 1913 tornado to the 1960s riots and beyond, I know A LOT about the events that made North Omaha happen
  • Organizations: I share about the civil rights orgs, businesses, social groups, churches, synagogues, political groups, and other organizations
  • More: I love nature, and I know a lot about the civic infrastructure, historical racism, and more.

Past Presentations

  • Forgotten Omaha, August 2016
  • Gold Coast Neighborhood Association

Set Up

To set up your group’s FREE presentation, contact me!


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