FREE North Omaha History Presentations

Adam Fletcher Sasse facilitating training for youth.

Does your community organization, history class or neighborhood program want to learn more about North Omaha history?!? I want to share! For absolutely free, I will present to your group using Skype or Google groups. You only need to set up the date with me, agree on the topic and pull together your people. I LOVE presenting, I’m a professional at it, I take questions A LOT, and North Omaha history is one of my favorite topics!


Some of the topics I cover related to North Omaha include…

  • People: Figures throughout the community’s history, including political, social, athletes and entertainers, and others
  • Places: Neighborhoods, buildings, places, architecture and more
  • Events: From a Wild West hanging to the 1913 tornado to the 1960s riots and beyond, I know A LOT about the events that made North Omaha happen
  • Organizations: I share about the civil rights orgs, businesses, social groups, churches, synagogues, political groups, and other organizations
  • More: I love nature, and I know a lot about the civic infrastructure, historical racism, and more.

Past Presentations

  • Forgotten Omaha, August 2016
  • Gold Coast Neighborhood Association

Set Up

To set up your group’s FREE presentation, contact me!


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