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Directory of Historic North Omaha Church Buildings

This is a directory of historic North Omaha church buildings. Many are still churches; some are not.

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History of Irvington School in Omaha

A country school that’s now engulfed by Omaha, the Irvington School was once a bastion of a small rural community. This is a history.

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History of Cass Street School

Located in the original Near North Side neighborhood, one grade school at North 14th and Cass Street served immigrants, African Americans, adults, and others. Today the school is largely forgotten.

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History of Minne Lusa School

Opened in a re-used school building in 1917, North Omaha’s Minne Lusa School has a long history.

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A History of the Omaha Fire Station #6

Omaha Fire Department station #6 was located at 914-16 North 24th Street. It was built in 1906 and demolished in the 1970s.

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History of the Carver Savings and Loan Association

This is a history of the Carver Bank in North Omaha, the first-ever Black-owned bank in Nebraska.

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A History of the North Omaha School aka Izard School

Omaha had a hard time getting its public school system going. Once they got going, it took more than a decade to build a second school. However, when it opened on the outskirts of the city at North 17th and Izard Streets, the new school was the grandest building of its time. This is a history of the North Omaha School, aka the Izard School.