A History of 4426 Florence Boulevard in North Omaha

The building at 4426 Florence Boulevard is located in the Saratoga Belt Line Historic District. Built in 1926, it is a storefront and open space that has no basement. The City of Omaha Planning Department currently rates the building in poor condition. This is a history.

A History of 1324 North 24th Street

In the course of a century, a lot of things can change in a neighborhood. The Near North Side of Omaha has had a lot of changes, with some buildings transitioning from vital to demolished with reckless abandon. This is a history of the building once located at 1324 North 24th Street. The neighborhoods between … Continue reading A History of 1324 North 24th Street

A History of Duffy Drugs

Going back to 1886, the southwest corner of 24th and Lake has been vital to North Omaha! Its first Black-owned business didn't happen until 1968 though. Find out more in this history of Duffy Drugs!