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The Lynching of Will Brown

This is a summary of the lynching of Will Brown in 1919.

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A History of Omaha’s Malcolm X Day

This is a history of the observation of Omaha’s Malcolm X Day since 1968.

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A Biography of James M. Parker

This is a biography of one of Florence’s most important historical figures.

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A History of Segregated Schools in Omaha, Nebraska

There were and are many segregated schools in Omaha, and this is an account of their history.

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Top 10 North Omaha Architectural Gems

Some of the grandest architecture in North Omaha today is accounted for in this short article.

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A History of Cabanné’s Trading Post in North Omaha

This is a short history of Cabanne’s Post in North Omaha.

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Dynamic Past, Hope-filled Future: North Omaha History, Volume Three Now On Sale!

(Olympia, WA: December 1, 2016) The final book of Adam Fletcher Sasse’s series, North Omaha History: Volume Three, is now available from CommonAction Publishing. In the third book of the North Omaha History Series, Adam Fletcher Sasse reveals a lot of the hidden, denied and neglected history of one of the oldest areas of Nebraska’s largest city. Highlighting the […]