Dynamic Past, Hope-filled Future: North Omaha History, Volume Three Now On Sale!

This is the cover of North Omaha History: Volume Three by Adam Fletcher Sasse

(Olympia, WA: December 1, 2016) The final book of Adam Fletcher Sasse’s series, North Omaha History: Volume Three, is now available from CommonAction Publishing.

In the third book of the North Omaha History Series, Adam Fletcher Sasse reveals a lot of the hidden, denied and neglected history of one of the oldest areas of Nebraska’s largest city. Highlighting the predominantly African American community and other ethnic groups, he introduces some intriguing characters and important businesses that made North Omaha great. He reveals the role of transportation in the area by examining the history of several streets, including the culture and figures in the areas around them. He details the roles of North Omaha’s extensive boulevard system that weaves together neighborhoods and connects the community to the rest of the city, as well as looks at the historic Belt Line Railway that used to encircle the area.

In the next section, Fletcher Sasse conducts a community-wide exploration of architecture in North Omaha. He reveals the basics about the neighborhood, and then plunges deep into the apartments, homes, neighborhoods and other institutions that make the historic preservation movement so important to the community. He details several important districts and shines a light on the oldest houses in North Omaha, too. Then, he tells the missing history of a dozen mansions and estates that once occupied the area.




The final section of the book is a massive timeline of events throughout the history of North Omaha. It includes political, social, social, educational, economic, criminal and other types of events. The book finishes with a bibliography and comprehensive index.

Author Adam Fletcher Sasse grew up in North Omaha’s Miller Park neighborhood. He received his Eagle Scout award from the UMOJA district and is a 1993 graduate of Omaha North High School. He went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and education from The Evergreen State College, and conducted graduate studies in educational leadership from the University of Washington. Today, he lives in Olympia, Washington with his daughter and their cat named Mailbox.


  • Title: North Omaha History: Volume Three
  • Author: Adam Fletcher Sasse
  • Publisher: CommonAction Publishing
  • Series: North Omaha History Series
  • Paperback: 292 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1539973611
  • ISBN-13: 978-1539973614

North Omaha History, Volume 3

Table of Contents

Following are the contents of North Omaha History, Volume 3.


  • Chapter 71. Crime Bosses
  • Chapter 72. Beverly Blackburn
  • Chapter 73. Dr. Marguerita Washington
  • Chapter 74. Dan Desdunes
  • Chapter 75. George B. Lake
  • Chapter 76. Granny Weatherford
  • Chapter 77. Clarence “Cap” Wigington
  • Chapter 78. Joseph P. Guth
  • Chapter 79. Black Panthers


  • Chapter 80. Douglas Motors Corporation
  • Chapter 81. Stroud Company
  • Chapter 82. African American Newspapers
  • Chapter 83. Hash House
  • Chapter 84. Carnation Ballroom
  • Chapter 85. Tidy House Factory
  • Chapter 86. Club Harlem
  • Chapter 87. Storz Brewery


  • Chapter 89. 24th and Lake Historic District
  • Chapter 90. 20th and Lake
  • Chapter 91. Belt Line Railway
  • Chapter 92. North 24th Street
  • Chapter 93. Florence Boulevard
  • Chapter 94. North 16th Street aka Sherman Avenue
  • Chapter 95. North 16th and Locust Streets
  • Chapter 96. Cuming Street
  • Chapter 97. River Drive
  • Chapter 98. Streetcars


  • Chapter 99. North O Architecture
  • Chapter 100. Chambers Court aka Strehlow Terrace
  • Chapter 101. Saint Clare’s Monastery
  • Chapter 102. North Omaha Radar Station
  • Chapter 103. Miller Park Duplexes
  • Chapter 104. Logan Fontenelle Housing Projects
  • Chapter 105. Wirt Street
  • Chapter 106. Binney Street
  • Chapter 107. Bungalow City
  • Chapter 109. Squatter’s Row
  • Chapter 110. Gold Coast Historic District
  • Chapter 111. Technical High School in Omaha
  • Chapter 112. Oldest Houses
  • Chapter 113. Apartments


  • Chapter 114. Parker Estate
  • Chapter 115. Anna Wilson’s House
  • Chapter 116. Stroud Mansion
  • Chapter 117. McCreary Mansion
  • Chapter 118. J. J. Brown Mansion
  • Chapter 119. Poppleton Estate
  • Chapter 120. Redick Mansion
  • Chapter 121. Arlena Lodge
  • Chapter 112. Bailey House
  • Chapter 113. Reagan House
  • Chapter 114. Governor’s Estate


  • Appendix 1. Birthdates



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