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A History of the Potter’s Field in North Omaha

This is a history of charity burials of the unidentified and impoverished at Potter Field in North Omaha.

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A History of Pershing School

This is a history of East Omaha’s demolished Pershing School in the former District 61.

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A History of the Omaha NAACP Youth Council

This is a history of the Omaha NAACP Youth Council, which started in 1936 and continues today!

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A History of Grave Robbing in North Omaha

It costs money to be a respectful, successful cemetery. They actually have to conduct a regular and brisk business in order to afford their existence. Today, many old cemeteries have charitable groups or beneficiaries who pay for their upkeep. However, it hasn’t always been easy to raise money for cemetery upkeep. This is a history […]

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A History of Ghost Stories in North Omaha

This is my collection of ghost stories from North Omaha.

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A History of Ghosts at Fort Omaha

Fort Omaha was opened in 1878. Home to thousands of US Army troops over a century of service, many people lived and died at the Fort. Today, some of the buildings that still survive on the campus include the General Crook House and the Commissary, both built in 1878; the Ordinance Magazine, built in 1883; […]

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North Omaha History on Q98.5

In the month of October 2015, I was invited to participate in Q98’s After Dark Halloween special with JT and Pat. Making two appearances before the special, I was able to share some stories and have fun with the opportunity. Here are the shows I appeared on – I’ll be adding the actual After Dark […]