A History of Campion House in North Omaha

Campion House, 513 Florence Blvd, Omaha, NE

On the farthest south stretch of Florence Boulevard stands a proud building that is nearly 140 years old! Tucked away within the rapidly expanding Creighton University campus, this building has been homes, flats, a boarding house, a dormitory, a priests’ hall, and offices. This is a history of Campion House in North Omaha.

The Campion House is located at 518 Florence Boulevard, also called North 19th Street.

Built in 1890, these are the kind of homes lived in by German, English and Scandinavian immigrants throughout the years, as well as Easterners migrating west. My research shows at least one of the flats might have been run as a boarding house, and that surrounding historical places at North 19th and California Streets are in line with the neighborhood’s diverse development patterns, including the St. Barnabas Catholic Church and Fleischmann Yeast Company, which shared the same corner.

Campion House, 518 Florence Boulevard, North Omaha, Nebraska
This is a then-and-now comparison of the Campion House at 518 Florence Boulevard. On the left is an 1890 Sanborn Fire Insurance map drawing of the building, and on the right is a 2017 Google Earth image of the building. This clearly shows they’re the same building.

In the 1970s, the building was renovated to serve as a home for Jesuit priests studying a liberal arts learning program at Creighton.

It was renovated again in 2005, and has served as offices for many programs since then. I speculate that this building predates all other construction on the campus except Creighton Hall, and may have been developed concurrent with the Creighton Observatory.

The building appears to be in good physical condition today. It is not included in a proposed Creighton University Historic District, and has not been listed on the National Register of Historic Places or designated as an official Omaha Landmark by the City of Omaha Landmark Heritage Preservation Commission.

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The 1890 Campion House at Creighton University, 518 Florence Blvd, North Omaha, Nebraska
This is the Creighton University’s 1890 Campion House at 518 Florence Boulevard. This drawing is copyright 2019 by Adam Fletcher Sasse. All rights reserved.

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