A History of Creighton High School in North Omaha

Creighton University, North 25th and California Street, North Omaha, Nebraska

The oldest Catholic high school in Omaha was founded as part of a major family’s donation to the church. Throughout the years, its expanded and moved, staying aligned with its history but moving quickly into the future. This is a history of Creighton High School in North Omaha.

Creighton High School was opened as part of Creighton College in 1878. Located in the basement of Creighton Hall, it was also run by the Jesuits. Its unknown exactly how many students were in the high school the first year it opened. However, as part of Mary Lucretia Creighton’s will, the high school was strictly for boys, which its remained ever since. Tuition at the high school was free for many decades.

The university and the school decided to part ways in 1952, and the next year land was bought elsewhere in the city. The high school was split from the university in 1958 and was called Creighton Preparatory School, and today it’s commonly called Creighton Prep.

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These are the current and former Catholic high schools in North Omaha, Nebraska.
These are the current and former Catholic high schools in North Omaha. They include Creighton Prepatory High, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart High, Holy Name High, Notre Dame High, Dominican High, Rummel High, Roncalli High, Father Flanagan High, Blessed Sacrament High, St. Cecilia Cathedral High and St. John High.

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