Monmouth Park School was a public school located at 4508 North 33rd Street, and was built in 1903. Originally located in a suburban neighborhood, the school was quickly surrounded by homes, businesses and more. Its neighbors included a the 30th and Ames historic commercial district, North High, and Immanuel Hospital.

White flight struck the neighborhood dramatically in the early 1960s, and by 1967, Monmouth Park School was recognized as one of Omaha’s Black schools, which were defacto segregated by Omaha’s housing patterns.

Designed by important Omaha architect Thomas Kimball, the Omaha Public School District wanted to tear the building down after closing it in the 1980s. After a decade as apartments, the building was hit hard by a wind storm in 1993, and demolished in 1995.

Do you have memories, stories or knowledge about Monmouth Park to share? Use the comments section below!


This is a circa 1910 image of Monmouth Park Elementary School at N. 33rd and Ames Avenue.
An architectural drawing of North Omaha's Monmouth Park School at N. 33rd and Ames.
An architectural drawing of North Omaha’s Monmouth Park School at N. 33rd and Ames.


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  1. I attended Monmouth Park Elementary school from 1967 to 1969, my father was in the military and was stationed at Fort Omaha back when it was still a military installation. We lived 5 blocks away at 5008 N 33rd street and my sister and I would walk to school every day even during the terrible Nebraskan winter storms. I remember the long hallways of the school and I fondly remember eating my lunch on the steps of the South side of the building. I am saddened to find out that this historic building no longer exists.

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  2. I went to school there from 1958 through 1962… kindergarten through 4th grade. I will always remember my favorite teacher of ALL time there, Mrs. Rasteed in 3rd grade. I developed a true love for learning there…so sorry it’s gone. I still think of a few sweet friends l had there. One was Eugene who brought me a white Persian kitten. Another was Betty. I have no idea of their last names. Would give anything to contact them after all these years.

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  3. i went to school there from kindergarten to 6th grade 1959-1965, then went to McMillan Jr High. I lived at 3028 Fowler Ave and also remember walking to school in extremely cold weather, bare legs etc. I remember the coat rooms and high windows the teachers would open using a long pole. And watching educational films in the basement, getting our daily milk. and civil defence drills. I still don’t know what that bull horn structure in the front of the building was but I remember it too.

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  4. I attended Monmouth Park from 1954 to 1961. I walked from 33rd ave & Camden. Some of my teachers were Miss Linder, Mrs. Barelman, Mrs Penisten, Mrs Fleming, Mrs Weaver and Mrs Norwood. My brother was lucky to have Mrs Hickey for 6th grade. She passed away a few days ago just short of her 97th birthday.

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