A Biography of Ernie Chambers

Nebraska legislator Ernie Chambers of North Omaha.

The longest serving state senator in Nebraska history, Ernie Chambers is a national icon. He is an Independent who represents the Eleventh District in the Nebraska Legislature.

The only African American in the history of Nebraska to run for governor and the US Senate, Mr. Chambers has served in the Legislature from 1971 to 2009, and again from 2013 to present. He has passed countless bills, and experiences regular muckraking by his opponents and colleagues. One of the most outspoken leaders in Nebraska, he is credited with helping end the 1966 North Omaha riots, challenge segregation in Omaha Public Schools, and many other issues. He is the longest serving state senator in Nebraska history.

Mr. Chambers was honored by the Omaha Housing Authority with the renaming of the historic Strehlow Terrace Apartments as the Ernie Chambers Court.

He was born in Omaha on July 10, 1937. A graduate of Tech High, he went to law school at Creighton.

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I am a speaker, writer and consultant focused on youth engagement. I also share the history of North Omaha, Nebraska.

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