A History of Creighton Hall in North Omaha

Creighton Hall, North 25th and California Streets, North Omaha, Nebraska

The oldest building at Creighton University has changed radically over the years. However, hints of its past show inside and outside, and wait to be discovered by history explorers! This is a history of the Creighton Hall in North Omaha.

Opened as the Creighton College in 1878, the Creighton Hall was called the Administration Building for several years. Originally, Creighton Hall housed students, priests, classes, offices, a library, cafeteria, and chapel among other features. The fourth floor of the building was called University Hall for decades.

Built in the Italianate style, the building is four stories tall with a full basement. It was constructed as a straight line, with additional wings added throughout the years. The main section of the building included the tower, and a southern extension was added in 1888, along with a western extension in 1900.

Creighton University Administration Building,
This building shows the Creighton University Administration Building, originally called Creighton Hall, in c1930. Its stands today at North 24th and California.

A massive expansion in 1930 covered the south face of the building with an Art Moderne style façade for the main entrance. Today, the hall includes several classrooms and offices, including the Office of the President, as well as providing living quarters for several Jesuits working at the University.

This 2019 Google Earth image clearly shows the newer facade subsuming the older building, in long the clock tower.

The Creighton Hall stands on the northwest corner of North 24th and California Streets. It is part of the proposed Creighton University Historic District, but as of December 2019 hasn’t been listed on the National Register of Historic Places or designated as an official Omaha Landmark by the City of Omaha Landmark Heritage Preservation Commission.

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Creighton comparison then-and-now image
This is a then-and-now comparison graphic showing Creighton University around 1870 and again in 2015. Creighton Hall aka the Administration Building is shown with an arrow in both pics.

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