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A Biography of George W. Althouse

This is a biography of former Nebraska legislator George W. Althouse. He was the ninth African American representative from North Omaha.

George W. Alhouse was born in Moberly, Missouri in 1896, and died in Grand Island on November 21, 1981.

The founder and owner of the Althouse Beauty School, Mr. Althouse was appointed as a Nebraska Legislator after the sudden death of Edward Danner. He was a Republican who served in 1970.

Mr. Althouse was a Republican who served the Eleventh District. A longtime activist in his party, Althouse served in presidential election campaigns, on the Omaha Human Rights Board, and attended the first White House Conference on Aging.

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One reply on “A Biography of George W. Althouse”

George Althouse was my grandfather and I’m always interested in his history, that of my grandmother Christyne and the beauty shop. I’m open to any additional information that has been published. Thank you!

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