20th century Ames Ave Churches Near North Side Segregation

A History of Mt. Calvary Community Church

This is a history of Mt. Calvary Community Church, a historic African American congregation in North Omaha.

Mt Calvary Community Church, 2426 Grant Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
This is Mt Calvary Community Church, built at 2426 Grant Street in 1937.

Mt. Calvary Community Church is located at 5112 Ames Avenue. It was founded in 1933 and continues today as one of Omaha’s oldest African American congregations.

Opened by a penniless preacher in the Near North Side neighborhood in January 1933, this church has blossomed and sustained since. After building the above church on their own in 1937, the congregation continued growing further.

In 1983, they became known as the “church on the hill” when they moved to 5112 Ames Avenue, where they continue today.

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