North Omaha History Timeline by Adam Fletcher Sasse

North Omaha History Timeline by Adam Fletcher Sasse

North Omaha History Timeline by Adam Fletcher Sasse

The North Omaha History Timeline by Adam Fletcher Sasse is a supplement to the NORTH OMAHA HISTORY VOLUMES 1, 2 & 3 and includes People, Places, Organizations, Events and Businesses from Pre-1800 to Present. It is shared FREE here as a 122-page-long PDF document, and was published in January 2017 by CommonAction Publishing, Olympia, Washington. For information email

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    1. You are a superb writer and “amateur” historian (your words). I found this piece and wanted to add my Dad’s birthday and it is June 28, 1935.
      “Rodney Wead was born in Omaha this year. Dr. Wead is a longtime educator, nonprofit leader and advocate from North Omaha. He was community relations director for Catholic Social Action in North Omaha; the founding executive director of the United Methodist Community Centers; established a radio station, credit union, Nebraska’s first black-owned radio station, and was involved in the startup of the Omaha Economic Development Corporation (OEDC).”


      1. I assumed the “amateur historian” title to differentiate me from the scholars who consistently slam my work. Apparently my lack of bonafides and citations makes me an illegitimate contributor to the historical record. Alas, I keep going!

        More about your father soon…


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