A History of Battiato’s Super Market

North Omaha has been home to a lot of different grocery stores. In the 1950s, many of them were modernizing and trying to serve new customers. This is the history of one of them called Battiato’s Super Market.

Don Battiato's Montclair Market located at 3010 Cuming Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
This is a 1959 pic of Don Battiato’s Montclair Market located at 3010 Cuming Street from 1945 through 1963.

Around 1945, Dominic “Don” or “DJ” Battiato (1911-1974) opened his first grocery store at North 30th and Cuming and called it Don’s Montclair Market. Affiliated with the Jolly Giant label, it succeeded quickly in the older neighborhood. During this era he was also president of the Omaha Food Retailers Association.

Don's Montclair Market at N. 30th and Cuming Street, North Omaha, Nebraska.
This is a 1949 banner for Don’s Montclair Market at N. 30th and Cuming Street.

After becoming involved in the concrete industry with his brothers, the Battiato family worked together to build the Ames Plaza in response to the area’s growing needs. Don opened a new, major grocery store called Battiato’s Super Market to be an anchor for this middle class suburban shopping area development.

Battiato's Super Market, Ames Plaza, North Omaha, Nebraska
This was the storefront for Battiato’s Super Market in Ames Plaza. You can see signage for the Ames Bowling Center peeking out behind it.

Battiato’s Super Market at 5622 Ames was opened in 1960. Anchoring a 14 acre site, the plaza was also anchored by the Ames Bowling Center and Hested’s Department Store. In 1961, the name of Don’s Montclair Super Market was changed to Battiato’s 1, with the Ames store called Battiato’s 2.

However, Battiato’s 2 wasn’t made to last, and closed down after just a year of operation. Offering 23,000 square feet, the site was sold to Baker’s Supermarket, which operated a store there until 1969. Battiato’s 1, which was called Don’s Monclair Market for the rest of its years, was open until 1963.

As of 2022, a Dollar General store and a pawn shop are located in this space. There is no recognition of this site’s historical role in developing this corner of North Omaha.

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Ames Plaza, North 56th and Ames Avenue, North Omaha, Nebraska
This is a 1962 image of Ames Plaza at North 56th and Ames Avenue. Highlighted is the location of the Ames Bowling Center; visible are Hested’s and Battiato’s Super Market.
Don Battiato (1911-1974) in a 1961 ad Battiato Super Market in North Omaha, Nebraska.
This is Don Battiato (1911-1974) in a 1961 ad Battiato Super Market.

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