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A History of the Pleasantview Projects in North Omaha

In 1951, OHA announced development of the projects on both the east and west sides of North 30th Street extending from Burdette south to Parker Street. Completely demolished in 2010, today the ultra-modern, mixed income Highlander neighborhood sits on the 15 acres once here, along with the Charles Drew Health Center. This article is a […]

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A History of Segregated Hospitals in Omaha

  “It is almost impossible to get a Negro into a hospital even in the charity wards in Omaha… In the few cases where a Negro is admitted, the Negro physician must turn over the case to a staff [white] physician. The patient loses the advantage of being attended by the man who has followed […]

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A History of the Hillcrest Mansion in North Omaha

Built: circa 1900 Address: 2811 Caldwell Street Architecture: Antebellum Demolished: circa 1965 Originally called Riverview, the original home on this lot was built around 1900 and was said to be “one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the city.” Sitting on four lots covered with fruit trees, large shade trees and a fine lawn, the […]

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A History of the People’s Hospital in North Omaha

For almost a century, it was widely known that hospitals in Omaha were for whites only. Defacto segregation made doctors apply for birth certificates at hospitals where African American mothers weren’t allowed to birth their babies, while African American doctors weren’t allowed to work in most hospitals until the 1920s, and even then they could […]

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A Biography of Dr. John A. Singleton, DDS

This is a biography of Dr. John A. Singleton, DDS, who represented North Omaha’s Ninth District in the Nebraska Legislature from 1926 to 1928.

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A Biography of Dr. Aaron M. McMillan

Dr. Aaron M. McMillan was a representative from North Omaha’s Ninth District to the Nebraska Legislature from 1928 to 1930.

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A History of Omaha’s Chinatown by Ryan Roenfeld

Adam’s Note: This is a special exposè on a rarely-acknowledged but vitally important part of Omaha’s history. Written by local historian Ryan Roenfeld, I believe this history of Omaha’s Chinatown is necessary, vibrant and just a beginning, albeit a deep one! Share your thoughts in the comments section!