New Market, 1425 N 16th Street, North Omaha, Nebraska

New Market

The New Market was a large open air market along North 16th Street.

Truck farm, East Omaha, Nebraska

A History of Truck Farms in East Omaha

One part of Omaha has stayed in touch with its agricultural roots for more than a century. This is a history of small family farms and the changing landscape in East Omaha.

Tidy House Factory, 1400 Evans Street, North Omaha, Nebraska

A History of the North Omaha Tidy House Factory

Chemical innovation, middle class industrial jobs, company sell-outs and corporate espionage mark the history of one building on North 16th Street. This is a history of the former North Omaha Tidy House factory.

These images are from Squatter's Row in the 1930s.

A History of Squatter’s Row in North Omaha

One area that benefited a lot from Nebraska’s pro-squatting law was a little strip in North Omaha, from North 11th Street on the east to North 13th on the west; Nicholas Street on the south to Locust on the north. This area was home to the North Omaha rail yards, but the railroads didn’t have without any concern for the squatters were starting putting up their shacks there as early as the 1860s.

A History of the Logan Fontenelle Housing Projects

Once upon a time, there was a massive public housing project located at the intersection of North 24th and Paul Streets in the Near North Side neighborhood. Originally named the “Northside Village Public Housing Project,” the name was officially changed in honor of the famous Omaha tribe leader Logan Fontenelle.

"February 23, 2015. Dearest Cornice, I have finished taking the exquisite Wirt Street Home Tour in North Omaha. After visiting a dozen beautiful homes, I'm convinced this neighborhood is a place where dreams can come true! Come visit soon! Your Cousin June."

A History of North Omaha’s Wirt Street

Hidden deep in the heart of North Omaha is a jewel of a street, filled with abundant American foursquare houses, long yards and hints of its glory 100 years ago. This section of Wirt street, from north 16th to north 24th streets, was once home to some of the predominant names in the beautiful Kountze Place development. It was also home to more than simple Foursquare style homes. In addition to the stout middle class houses, there were some exquisite examples of high style in Omaha history. This article highlights those beauties, which suggest a future for the Wirt Street historic district.

On June 27, 1969, these kids were pictured going through one of the burned out businesses along North 24th Street after the killing of Vivian Strong.

A History of the North Omaha Riots

Because of when the riots happened and what they did, there are scars on North O that that haven’t healed almost 50 years later. Here’s a history of what happened.