Historic Schools in North Omaha

As the community north of Dodge Street to the Washington County line and from North 72nd Street east to the Missouri River, North Omaha has had a lot of schools. This is a list of them including links to the ones I’ve written articles about.

Directory of Historic Schools in North Omaha

Segregated schools in Omaha, Nebraska
This image showing schools with disproportionately high percentages of African American students in Omaha is from the June 13, 1975 Omaha World-Herald.
  • Beechwood School, Read Street J.J. Pershing Drive; North 14th Avenue East and Fort Street
  • Benson High School, 5120 Maple Street
  • Birchwood School (c. 1869) 8th Avenue and East Fort Street in District 49
  • Belvedere School (1924) 3775 Curtis Ave
  • Cass School, (1872-1936) 1418 Cass Street
  • Central Park School (c. 1872) North 42nd and Grand Avenue in District 38
  • Central School
  • Clifton Hill School (1892 and 1917) 2811 North 45th Street
  • Druid Hill School (1917) 4020 North 30th Street
  • Fairfax School (1911) North 40th and Pratt Streets
  • Florence School (c. 1862) 7902 North 36th Street in District 5
  • Florence High School (1880s-1924), 7902 N. 36th St.
  • Fontenelle School North 53rd and Spaulding Street
  • Fort Omaha School
  • Fort Street Special School for Incorrigible Boys (1914) North 30th and Browne Streets
  • Franklin School (1885) North 35th and Franklin Street
  • Harrison School North 45th and Charles Street
  • Hartman Elementary School
  • Horace Mann Junior High aka King Science Center (1959) 3720 Florence Boulevard
  • Howard Kennedy School
  • Jefferson Square School (c. 1863) North 16th and Cass Streets
  • Kellom School (1952) 1311 North 24th Street
  • Lake School (c. 1871) 2410 North 19th Street
  • Long School
  • Lothrop School (1885) 1518 North 26th Street
  • McMillan Magnet School (1958)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School aka Martin Luther King Jr. Primary Center (1975) 3706 Maple Street
  • Miller Park School (1910) 5625 North 28th Ave
  • Minne Lusa School (1924) 2630 Ida Street
  • Monmouth Park School (c. 1884) 4508 North 33rd Street
  • Monroe School (1926) 5106 Bedford Avenue
  • Mount View Elementary School
  • Nathan Hale Junior High School (1965) 6143 Whitmore Street
  • Nebraska School for the Deaf and Dumb (1870) North 42nd and Bedford Street
  • North High School (1925) 36th Street and Ames
  • North Omaha School aka Izard School (1871) North 19th and Izard Street
  • Omaha Heights School (c.1891) North 36th and Kansas
  • Omaha View School (1885) North 32nd and Maple Streets
  • Paul Street School (1892) 1311 North 24th Street
  • Pershing School (1926) North 28th Avenue East and Perkins Street in District 61
  • Pinewood Elementary School
  • Ponca School North 47th and Ponca Road
  • Saratoga School (1857) North 24th and Ames Avenue in District 2
  • Saunders School (1899) 415 North 41st Avenue
  • Sherman School (1888) 5618 North 14th Avenue
  • Skinner Magnet Center (1996) 3219 Cuming Street
  • Springville School (c. 1865) North 60th and Girard Streets in District 29
  • Technical Junior High School (1953) 3219 Cuming Street
  • Technical High School (1923) 3219 Cuming Street
  • Wakonda Elementary School
  • Walnut Hill School (1888), Hamilton Street
  • Webster School (1888-1969) 618 North 28th Avenue
  • West Omaha School ( ) in District 9
  • Yates School, North 32nd Street and Davenport Street

Parochial Schools in North Omaha

These are the current and former Catholic high schools in North Omaha, Nebraska.
These are the current and former Catholic high schools in North Omaha. They include Creighton Prepatory High, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, Sacred Heart High, Holy Name High, Notre Dame High, Dominican High, Rummel High, Roncalli High, Father Flanagan High, Blessed Sacrament High, St. Cecilia Cathedral High and St. John High.
  • Blessed Sacrament School 6316 N 30th Street
  • Blessed Sacrament High School
  • Charles Washington Branch Omaha Public Library
  • Creighton High School (1878) 2510 California Street
  • Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart (1881) 3601 Burt Street
  • Father Flanagan High School
  • Hope Lutheran School,(1950) 2720 Wirt Street
  • Holy Angels School 4721 North 28th Street
  • Holy Family School 1715 Izard Street
  • Notre Dame High School, (1926) 3501 State Street
  • Dominican High School
  • Roncalli High School, 6401 Sorensen Parkway
  • Rummel High School, (1974) 6401 Sorensen Parkway
  • Sacred Heart School 2205 Binney Street
  • Saint Bernard’s School 3607 North 65th Street
  • Saint Benedict’s School (1928) 2423 Grant Street
  • Saint Catherine’s Academy North 18th and Cass Streets
  • Saint Cecilia’s School 3869 Webster Street
  • Saint Cecilia Cathedral High
  • Saint John’s School 2507 California Street
  • Saint John’s High School
  • Saint Paul Lutheran School North 26th and Pinkney Street
  • Saint Philip Neri School (1904) 8208 North 31st Street
  • Saint Richard’s School 4318 Fort Street
  • Saint Therese School 5316 North 14th Avenue

Historic Higher Education History in North Omaha

Historic Educators in North Omaha

Sylvia McCandless and unnamed students and teacher, Omaha
The young girl in this photo is Sylvia McCandless, daughter of Yvonne and Kenneth, in Ponca Hills in the 1930s. Can you identify any of the other people?

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