Winter Quarters, Indian Country, 1846

Omaha’s Florence Historic District

At the far north end of North Omaha is a community that’s among the oldest in Nebraska. Established in 1846 as Winter Quarters, Indian Territory, today the neighborhood is called Florence. Although not recognized as a formal historic district, the area is smashed full of historic depth, relevance, and meaning that has defined the State of Nebraska and the City of Omaha for more than a century. Following are the articles I’ve written related to Florence that prove that it should be a historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated as a historic landmark preservation district by the City of Omaha Landmark Heritage Preservation Commission.

Florence North Market Square, North Omaha, Nebraska
Florence’s Filmore Park was once called North Market Square, and was a place of commerce when the town was young.

Overview of Omaha’s Florence Historic District

Historic Businesses in Omaha’s Florence Historic District

  • Florence Mill, 9102 North 30th Street
  • Florence Depot, 9000 North 30th Street
  • Zesto’s, 8608 North 30th Street
  • Bank of Florence, 8502 North 30th Street

Historic Organizations in Omaha’s Florence Historic District

  • Florence Building, 8702 North 30th Street
  • Florence Masonic Temple, 8223 North 30th Street
  • Florence Home for the Elderly, 7915 North 30 Street
  • Vennelyst Park, 9100 N 31st Street

Historic Businesses in Omaha’s Florence Historic District

  • Price Building, 8607 North 30th Street
  • J. S. Paul Building, 8601 North 30 Street
  • Joyo Theatre, N. 30th and Tucker Streets

Historic Churches in Omaha’s Florence Historic District

  • Briggs United Brethren Church, North 58th and McKinley
  • Florence Christian Church, 8929 North 29th Street (1896-present)
  • Florence Church of Christ
  • Florence Methodist Church, 8424 North 31st Street (1857)
  • Florence First Presbyterian Church, 8314 North 31st Street (1857-present)
  • Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, 7301 North 28th Street (1923-present)
  • Ponca Hills Presbyterian Church, (1870-)
  • St. John’s German Lutheran Church, 11120 Calhoun Road (1900-present)
  • St. Marks Episcopal Church, 8019 North 31st Street (1881-1964)
  • St. James Episcopal Church, location unknown (1857)
  • St. Phillip Neri Catholic Church, 8202 North 31st Street (1905-present)
  • Winter Quarters Mormon Temple, location unknown (1846-1848)

Historic Homes in Omaha’s Florence Historic District

Florence Kilborn c.1867
This is Florence Kilborn at age 15 in 1867.

Historic People in Omaha’s Florence Historic District

Historic Public Places in Omaha’s Florence Historic District

  1. North Market Square, aka Filmore Park, North 29th and Bondesson Streets
  2. South Market Square, aka houses, North 29th and King Streets
  3. Mormon Reserve, underneath the Mormon Bridge between J.J. Pershing Dr. and the river
  4. Ferry Reserve, north of Mormon Bridge between J.J. Pershing Dr. and the river
  5. Florence Town Square, aka Florence Park, 3105 State Street (including the Mormon Tree [c1841-1947])
  6. River Drive, from Florence Boulevard to Ponca Road
  7. Mormon Bridge, crossing the Missouri River on I-680
  8. Mormon Bridge Tollhouse, 3010 Willit Street
  9. Hummel Park, 3033 Hummel Road
  10. Florence Boulevard

Historic Schools in Omaha’s Florence Historic District

  • Florence School, 7902 North 36th Street
  • Notre Dame Academy and Convent, 3501 State Street
  • St. Philip Neri School, (original site) 8206 North 31st Street
Derby Gas Station, N. 30th and Willit Streets, Florence, Nebraska
The Walker Oil Company built the station next to the Bank of Florence at North 30th and Willit Streets in 1930. They sold Derby gas.

Other Historic Topics in Omaha’s Florence Historic District

  1. Winter Quarters
  2. Mormon Pioneer Cemetery and Statue, 3301 State Street
  3. Potter’s Field, 5000 Young Street
  4. Forest Lawn Cemetery, 7909 Mormon Bridge Road
  5. Cutler’s Park Cemetery, Young Street and Mormon Bridge Road
  6. J. J. Pershing Memorial Monument, near 8200 J.J. Pershing Drive
  7. Pries Lake, near Oak Ridge Drive and J.J. Pershing Drive.
  8. Mormon Trail / Winter Quarters Visitors Center, 8283 North 34th Street
  9. Florence Water Works, John J. Pershing Drive
  10. Florence Firehouse, 8415 North 29th Street
  11. Florence Ferry
  12. Wyman Heights

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