Historic Churches in North Omaha

This is a directory of historic North Omaha church buildings. Many are still churches; some are not. Everything listed here is still standing unless noted otherwise. For more information, see my article called History of Churches in North Omaha. Do you know information that’s not included here? Please share in the comments!

OrderChurch Name, Dates, Add’l InfoAddressImage?
1.Cleaves Temple CME Church (built 1907 as Norwegian-Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church)2431 Decatur St.Cleaves Temple CME, N. 26th and Decatur Streets, North Omaha, Nebraska
2.Christ Love Unity Church (founded in 1970, closed)2903 Ellison Ave.
3.Hillside Presbyterian Church (built 1910, closed)2710 N. 28th Ave. (demolished)Hillside Presbyterian Church, North 30th and Ohio Streets, North Omaha, Nebraska
4.Bethel AME Church (built 1901 as First United Evangelical Church)2428 Franklin St.Bethel AME Church, North Omaha, Nebraska
5.Robinson Memorial Church of God (built 1915)2304 N. 26th St.This was the Robinson Memorial COGIC built in the 1930s and demolished in 1955. It was located at 2318 North 26th Street, and the site is an official Omaha landmark today.
6.Paradise Baptist Church (built 1927)2124 Lothrop St.Paradise Baptist Church, 2124 Lothrop Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
7.Community Baptist Church (built 1891 as St. Mark’s Episcopal Church)8019 N. 31st St.
8.Rising Star Baptist Church (built 1900 as First Universalist Church; then Harford Memorial United Evangelical Brethren)1823 Lothrop St.
9.Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church (built 1958 as Immanuel Baptist Church)5501 N. 50th St.
10.Lowe Avenue Presbyterian Church (built 1906, closed)1023 N. 40th St.
11.Immanuel Community Church (built 1949)2761 Lake St.
12.Holy Name Catholic Church3014 N. 45th St.
13.St. Therese of the Child Jesus Catholic Church (closed)5314 N. 14th AveSt. Therese of the Child Jesus Catholic Church, 5314 N. 14th Avenue, East Omaha, Nebraska
14.St. Richard Catholic Church (closed)4320 Fort St.
15.St. Philip Neri Blessed Sacrament Parish Church8201 N. 30th St.St. Philip Neri Catholic Church, 8202 North 30th Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
16.St. Cecilia Catholic Cathedral (built 1905, finished 1959)701 N. 40th St.Saint Cecilia Cathedral, 701 N. 40th St., North Omaha, Nebraska
17.St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church2423 Grant St.
18.Sacred Heart Catholic Church (built 1895)2218 Binney St.Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 2218 Binney Street North Omaha, Nebraska
19.Christ Temple Christian Church2124 N. 26th St.
20.Sonrise Christian Church4623 N. 54th Cir.
21.Pilgrim Christian Church2818 N. 70th St.
22.Freedom Christian Church4606 N. 56th St.
23.Florence Alliance Christian Church8702 N. 30th St.
24.City Church Christian Church6051 Maple St.
25.Church Of Christ Church5922 Fort St.
26.Immanuel Lutheran Chapel(demolished)Immanuel Lutheran Chapel, N. 34th and Fowler, North Omaha, Nebraska
27.Tabernacle Church of Christ1521 N. 25th St.
28.New Life Church of Christ1712 N. 24th St.
29.Jesus Christ Church of Christ1517 N. 30th St.
30.International Church of God in Christ4628 Grand Ave.
31.Morning Star Baptist Church (established in 1921, moved in 1947, rebuilt in 1980)2019 Burdette St. (demolished)St. Mark's Lutheran Church, 2053 N. 20th Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
32.New Covenant Church of God in ChristNorth 42nd and Fontenelle BoulevardNew Covenant Church of God in Christ, 5325 N 42 Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
33.Cathedral of Love Church of God in Christ2816 Ames Ave.
34.New Life Church of God in Christ1712 N. 24th St.
35.Freedom Church Assembly Church of God in Christ4430 Florence Blvd.
36.Faith Temple Church of God in Christ Starting in 1961 (built as First United Presbyterian, open from 1890 to 1928)2108 Emmet St.Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, 2108 Emmet Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
37.Church Of The Living God Church of God in Christ2029 Binney St.Church of the Living God, 2031 Binney Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
38.Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Florence Ward5217 N. 54th St.
39.Augustana Lutheran Church3647 Lafayette Ave.Augustana Lutheran Church 3647 Lafayette Ave North Omaha Nebraska
40Trinity Lutheran Church Originally opened at N. 25th and Ames Ave (demolished); now at 6340 N. 30th St.
41.Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran Church6201 N. 60th St.
42.Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer4757 N. 24th St.Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, North 24th and Larimore Streets, North Omaha, Nebraska
43.Mount Olive Lutheran Church (built 1948)7301 N. 28th Ave.Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Minne Lusa, North Omaha, Nebraska
44.Hope Lutheran Church (built 1910)2723 N. 30th St.Hope Lutheran Church, 2723 North 30th Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
45.Deaf Bethlehem Lutheran Church5074 Lake St.
46.Pearl Memorial United Methodist Church(closed)2319 Ogden St.Pearl Memorial United Methodist Church, N. 24th and Ogden Ave., North Omaha, Nebraska
47.Florence Methodist Church (closed)Bluff St. (demolished)
48.Trinity United Methodist Church6001 Fontenelle Blvd.
49.Calvin Memorial United Presbyterian Church (closed)3105 N. 24th St.Calvin Memorial Presbyterian Omaha
50.Bethlehem Baptist Church (built 1926)2118 Browne St.
51.St. John Missionary Baptist Church (built 1917)3912 N. 16th St.
52.First Presbyterian Church of Florence (founded 1857, built 1950)8314 N. 31st St.First Presbyterian Church of Florence, North Omaha, Nebraska
53.Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church (build date unknown)4932 Ohio St.
54.Poor Clare’s Convent (closed)
55.St. Benedict Catholic School, 2326 Grant St. (closed)
56.Episcopal Church of the Resurrection (built 1927) / St. Phillip the Deacon Episcopal Church (demolished) (merged)3004 Belvedere Blvd.St Philip Episcopal Church, North 21st Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
57.Faith Mission Church (built 1906)2532 Binney St.
58.St. John’s AME Church (construction began in 1921, finished in 1951)2402 N. 22nd St. (demolished)St. Benedict Catholic Church, N. 25th and Grant Streets, North Omaha, Nebraska
59.Grace Apostolic Church (built 1928 as Military Theater)2216 Military Ave.Grace Apostolic Church, N. 45th and Military Avenue, North Omaha
60.Zion Baptist Church (built 1906)2215 Grant St.Zion Baptist Church, 2215 Grant Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
61.St. Matthew Baptist Church (built 1915)1001 N. 30th St.
62.Pilgrim Baptist Church (built 1900 as Calvary Baptist Church)2501 Hamilton St.Pilgrim Baptist Church, 2501 Hamilton Street, Near North Side neighborhood, North Omaha, Nebraska
63.Second Baptist Church (built 1915 as Plymouth Congregational Church)1832 Lothrop St.
64.Cross Road Baptist Church (built 1948 as Evangelical Mission Covenant Church)6068 Ames Ave.
65.Mt. Moriah Baptist Church (built 1912 as Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)2602 N. 24th St.Mount Moriah Baptist Church, N. 24th and Ohio Streets, North Omaha, Nebraska
66.New Life Presbyterian Church (built 1906) / Hillside Presbyterian Church in North Omaha (demolished)(merged)4060 Pratt St.Hillside Presbyterian Church, North 30th and Ohio Streets, North Omaha, Nebraska
67.Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church (closed)3020 Curtis St.
68.Holy Family Catholic Church (closed)1715 Izard St.Holy Family Catholic Church, 1715 North 17th Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
69.St. John’s Parish Catholic Church2500 California PlazaSt. John's Catholic Church, N. 25th and California Streets, North Omaha, Nebraska
70.St. Bernard Catholic Church3601 N. 65th St.
71.Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church5215 Seward St.
72.Benson Christian Church2704 N. 58th St.
73.Shiloh Christian Church1501 N. 33rd St.
74.Immanuel Baptist Church (demolished)Immanuel Baptist Church
75.Northside Family Christian4102 Florence Blvd
76.Fort Street Christian Church5116 Terrace Dr.
77.Florence Christian Church7300 Northridge Dr.Florence Christian Church, 8424 N 29th St Omaha, Nebraska 68112
78.Christian Discipleship Christian Church1823 Lake St.
79.Pilgrim Baptist ChurchPilgrim Baptist Church, 2501 Hamilton Street, Near North Side neighborhood, North Omaha, Nebraska
80.Church Of Christ Church5118 Hartman Ave.
81.Church of Christ Church4628 Grand Ave.
82.Antioch Church of Christ3654 Miami St.
83.Friends Of Christ Evangelical Church of Christ3208 Corby St.
84.Church Of The Living God Church of God in Christ (built 1916)2029 Binney St.
85.Church of God in Christ2025 N. 24th St.
86.Power House Church of God in Christ2553 Browne St.Power House Church of God in Christ, 2553 Browne Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
87.New Bethel Church of God in Christ (built 1910)1710 N. 25th St.New Bethel Church of God in Christ, 1710 N. 25th St., North Omaha, Nebraska
88.Gethsemane Church of God in Christ5720 N. 24th St.
89.Faith Temple Church of God in Christ3049 Curtis Ave.
90.Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints8283 N. 34th St.
91.American Lutheran Church4140 N. 42nd St.
92.Bethany Lutheran Church5151 Northwest Radial Hwy.
93.St. Paul Lutheran Church5020 Grand Ave. (demolished)St. Paul Lutheran Church, N. 28th and Parker Streets, North Omaha, Nebraska
94.St. John’s Lutheran Church11120 Calhoun Rd.
95.Northside Community Lutheran Church1511 N. 20th St.
96.Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries Church4205 Boyd St.
97.Immanuel Lutheran Church2725 N. 60th Ave.
98.Garden-Gethsemane Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church4543 Camden Ave.
99.Asbury United Methodist Church (closed; now the Pentacostal Church Gateway of Heaven)5226 N. 15th St.
100.Olive Crest United Methodist Church (built 1958)7180 N. 60th St.
101.Clair Memorial United Methodist Church5544 Ames Ave.Clair Memorial UM Church, North Omaha, Nebraska
102.Benson United Presbyterian Church5612 Corby St.
103.Miller Park Presbyterian Church (closed)3020 Huntington Ave.
104.Mount View Presbyterian Church5308 Hartman Ave.
105.St. Paul Lutheran Church (built 1913, closed), later Clair Memorial United Methodist Church 2443 Evans St. St. Paul Lutheran Church, N. 25th and Evans Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
106.Notre Dame Convent and Notre Dame High School (closed) Notre Dame Academy, 3501 State Street, Florence, North Omaha, Nebraska 68112
107.Walnut Hill Methodist Episcopal Church (closed)Kingdom Builders Christian Center (formerly Walnut Hill M.E. Church), 4039 Charles St, Omaha, NE 68131
108.Zion Lutheran Church (closed)N. 36th and Lafayette Ave. (demolished)Zion Lutheran Church, N. 36th and Lafayette Avenue, Bemis Park Landmark Heritage District, North Omaha, Nebraska
109.Covenant Presbyterian Church, located here from 1898 to 1950.N. 27th and Pratt St. (demolished)This is North Omaha's Covenant Presbyterian Church located at N. 27th and Pratt from 1898 to 1950.
110.Grove Methodist Church, founded in 1913. (Became Clair United Methodist Church, and is still open today at 55th and Ames.)N. 22nd and Seward St. (demolished)An early ad for the segregated Grove Methodist Church at 22nd and Seward Streets in North Omaha, Nebraska
111.Salem Baptist Church, founded in 1905N. 30th and Lake St.This is Salem Baptist Church, 3131 Lake Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
112.Sharon Seventh Day Adventist ChurchN. 34th and Lake St.Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church, North 34th and Lake Streets, North Omaha, Nebraska
113.St. Vincent of Lerins Western Rite Orthodox Church (built 1908 as a house) 2502 N. 51st St.2502 N. 51st St.
114.Mount Calvary Community Church (established in 1933)2426 Grant St. (demolished); now at 5112 Ames Ave.Mt Calvary Community Church, 2426 Grant Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
115.Freestone Primitive Baptist Church4023 Ames Ave.Freestone Primitive Baptist Church, 4023 Ames Avenue, North Omaha, Nebraska
116.Greater New Hope Baptist Church1411 North 30th St.Greater New Hope Baptist Church, 1411 North 30th Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
117.Pleasant Green Baptist Church (established in 1917)5555 Larimore Ave, originally at 1406 N. 22nd St.
118.St. Paul Baptist Church (closed)N. 11th and Grace St; 2625 Lake St; 1809 N 23rd St. (demolished)
119.First Colored Presbyterian Church (established in 1905, closed in 1914)2625 Lake St. (demolished)
120.St. Paul Presbyterian Church (originally opened as Seward Street Prebyterian Church)N. 26th and Seward St. (demolished)St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, N. 26th and Seward St, North Omaha, Nebraska 68110
121.Bethesda Temple Seventh Day Adventist (originally Olivet Baptist Church)3725 Ames Ave
122.Second Presbyterian Church (later became B’nai Jacob Anshe Sholem and was replaced circa 1942)1109 North 24th St. (demolished)This is a picture of Omaha Second Presbyterian Church that later became B'nai Jacob Anshe Sholem, once located at North 24th and Nicholas Streets.
123.St. Mark’s German Lutheran Church (established in 1886, closed permanently in 1947)2019 Burdette St. (demolished)St. Mark's Lutheran Church, 2053 N. 20th Street, North Omaha, Nebraska
124.Central Park Congregational Church (Established 1870s, renamed Cherry Hill Congregational in 1886, renamed Central Park Congregational with new building opened in 1925, closed permanently in 1991)5001 N. 42nd StreetThis is the Central Park Congregational Church at 5001 N. 42nd Street in North Omaha. It was built in 1925 and stands today.

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  1. FYI… St Philip Neri-Blessed Sacrament Parish is at 8200 N 30 St … not 8201


  2. You missed Immanuel Swedish Lutheran Church. Formed in 1868 and eventually built a church at 19th & Cass where it existed for over 50 years. In 1936 it merged with a spinoff in Western Omaha called Zion Lutheran at 36th and Lafayette and became Augustana Lutheran. That’s where my parents were married and my sister was baptized. After a fire it was replaced by the current day Augustana at 38th and Lafayette. That’s where I was baptized.

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