“An Overview of North Omaha History” Presentation Notes

1883 North Omaha, Nebraska map

On Tuesday, April 28, 2020, Adam Fletcher Sasse shared a presentation online called “An Overview of North Omaha History” using Google Meet for NorthOmahaHistory.com. The presentation was not recorded. Here are links to additional information he referred to during the presentation.


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North Omaha History Talks Online by Adam Fletcher Sasse, May 2020


  1. Hello Adam I enjoy your posts.Do you have any statics on the effects of the depression and the pandemics through history’s effects on the people of North Omaha.I am into genealogy and I have ration stamp books my family used.Have a great day I am Myla 


    1. Hi Myla, and thanks for your notes. Unfortunately I haven’t collected any information about either the Great Depression or the 1918 influenza pandemic specifically, at least not yet. I have been doing some research about the role of Omaha’s NAACP during the 1918 event, but I’ve found it difficult to get details so far. Hope you have good luck in your search though!


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