A Video History of the Dreamland Ballroom in North Omaha

Here is a video by Waymaker Media with a short history of the Dreamland Ballroom on North 24th Street in North Omaha.

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Dreamland Plaza, N. 24th and Lizzie Robinson Ave, North Omaha, Nebraska
The “Jazz Trio” by Littleton Alston is located at the Dreamland Plaza at N. 24th and Lizzie Robinson Ave. This plaza is across from the Dreamland Ballroom, and was made in tribute to the building’s history.
This is the Jewell Building in circa 1926. Notice the beauty shop and Tuxedo Billiard Parlor on either side of the entrance to the Dreamland Ball Room.
Drawing, Jewell Building, 2221 N. 24th St., North Omaha, Nebraska
Adam Fletcher Sasse drew this interpretation of the Jewell Building in 2017.

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