A History of the 1913 Easter Tornado in North Omaha

The following video is a collection of pictures from the 1913 Easter Sunday tornado. This was a massive F5 tornado that ripped across the entire city. However, the vast majority of damage was done to North Omaha, and in particular the Near North Side. Most of the photos in the video are from the neighborhood, too.

In one block called Idlewild, more than 25 people died. Idlewild was a recreation hall for the African American community.

The video has no sound or narration, and was made by a user called ReelNostalgia. Make sure you like the video on youtube!


  1. Linda, there was so much death and destruction from the tornado! It is still a bit mind boggling to me to consider that the neighborhood never actually recovered from it. I just don't want to believe it, you know?


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