No More Denial: North O History, Vol. One is Available Now!

This is the cover of North Omaha History: Volume One by Adam Fletcher Sasse

(Olympia, WA: July 31, 2016) The first in a series, North Omaha History: Volume One is now available from CommonAction Publishing.

There is hidden, neglected, denied, lost and forgotten history in North Omaha, Nebraska. Home to the majority of Nebraska’s African American population for more than a century, the community also has a brilliant history among Omaha’s Jewish population, Swedes, Italians, Irish and more. Its history with working class, low-income, upper class and everyday people is enriched by the religious, social, cultural and economic diversity of the area, too.

CommonAction Publishing is proud to announce the release of North Omaha History, Volume One, available online and from local history outlets in Omaha.

In the first volume of a series, Adam Fletcher Sasse exposes the hyperlocal history of the community in a collection of vibrant, bountiful articles. Carefully tracking more than 200 years, Fletcher Sasse shares his research on a variety of topics, including the fur trade, Native Americans, pioneer towns, European immigrants, and the development of the community. Highlighting the history of North Omaha’s African American community as well, this book exposes Omaha’s systematic and long-standing attitude and actions towards this population.




With precise details and dynamic writing, Fletcher Sasse reveals some shocking events, demonstrates intriguing patterns and enlightens a bright pathway towards the future of North Omaha’s history. This book is the first volume of the North Omaha History Series. The book begins with a summary of the history of North Omaha, then details a few of the big issues affecting the community, including Fur Trading, Churches, Movie Theaters, Streetcars, Hospitals and Healthcare. Then, it highlights the racial history of the community beginning with African Americans in North Omaha, including politics and community leaders. It also mentions many different ethnicities. Native Americans and the Jewish Community are featured, too.

Since it’s about North Omaha, the book includes the histories of Racism, Community Leaders, and the Omaha Star, as well as sections on the riots in the 1960s, including the June 1969 Riot. Exposing the history of red lining in North Omaha, the book features the backgrounds of several historic neighborhoods, including East Omaha, Florence, Belvedere Point, Saratoga, Kountze Place, Walnut Hill, Miller Park Neighborhood, Near North Side, and Fort Omaha. The appendices include more than 20 tours around North Omaha, as well as a comprehensive index.

Author Adam Fletcher Sasse grew up in North Omaha’s Miller Park neighborhood. He received his Eagle Scout award from the UMOJA district and is a 1993 graduate of Omaha North High School. He went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and education from The Evergreen State College, and conducted graduate studies in educational leadership from the University of Washington. Today, he lives in Olympia, Washington with his daughter and their cat named Mailbox.



  • Title: North Omaha History, Volume One
  • Author: Adam Fletcher Sasse
  • Publisher: CommonAction Publishing
  • Series: North Omaha History Series
  • Paperback: 274 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1533361983
  • ISBN-13: 978-1533361981

North Omaha History Volume One

Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1: Summary


  • Chapter 2: Fur Trading
  • Chapter 3: Churches
  • Chapter 4: North Omaha Riots
  • Chapter 5: Movie Theaters
  • Chapter 6: African American Politics
  • Chapter 7: Streetcars
  • Chapter 8: Hospitals and Healthcare


  • Chapter 9: Native Americans
  • Chapter 10: Jewish Community
  • Chapter 11: Racism
  • Chapter 12: Jack Johnson Riot
  • Chapter 13: Community Leaders
  • Chapter 14: June 1969 Riot
  • Chapter 15: The Omaha Star
  • Chapter 16: Redlining


  • Chapter 17: Historic Neighborhoods
  • Chapter 18: Town of East Omaha
  • Chapter 19: Town of Florence
  • Chapter 20: Belvedere Point
  • Chapter 21: Town of Saratoga
  • Chapter 22: Kountze Place
  • Chapter 23: Walnut Hill
  • Chapter 24: Miller Park Neighborhood
  • Chapter 25: Near North Side
  • Chapter 26: Fort Omaha



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