A History of The Sherman Apartments

This is a history of one of North Omaha's most important historical landmarks, The Sherman apartments on North 16th Street.

A History of the Iten-Barmettler Biscuit Company

The Iten-Barmettler Biscuit Company built a new production facility at 4301 North 30th Street in 1936. The world's largest baking ovens were installed there, and it was a major employer in the community for decades. The factory was later owned by several companies, including Merchants Biscuit Company, Orchard & Wilhelm, and U.S. Mills. This is [...]

A History of 3467 North 42nd Street

Adam's Note: Here's another normal house history from North Omaha. Focused on an address where everyday North Omaha people lived, this house is similar to the other exposés I've written. Over more than 125 years, some of these homes have fallen apart and others were bulldozed, while the vast majority of original houses are still filling [...]

A History of the State Bar and McKenna Hall

In the early 1880s, William "Sand Bar Bill" McKenna was a railroad cop for the Union Pacific. By 1887 though, he'd left the UP and built McKenna Hall at Sherman Avenue and Locust Street by the old Sulphur Springs. A decade later, the brick building that became the long-running State Bar was built, and everything took [...]

A History of Omaha’s North Downtown

This is a history of Omaha's North Downtown neighborhood.

A History of Sand Point Beach and Lakeview Amusement Park

A lost amusement park haunts nobody's memories, and some even deny it ever existed. This is Lakeview Amusement Park and the Sand Point Beach.

A History of Omaha’s Winspear Triangle

The Winspear Triangle was a contested land north of downtown, filled with poor people, planned with poor ideas and barely actualized in the present times.

A History of the Blue Lion Center

The Blue Lion is one of North O's most iconic buildings, holding business, services and opportunities for a century!

“FRAMED” Chapter 22 by Michael Richardson

In this chapter, Mondo we Langa is quoted saying "...they simply could not let an African man who called police “pigs” get away with that.”