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A Picture History of Omaha's Saratoga Neighborhood by Adam Fletcher Sasse for NorthOmahaHistory.com

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A Picture History of Omaha’s Saratoga Neighborhood is a FREE 65-page book for your phone, tablet or e-reader that features more than 55 different places in the neighborhood’s long history, starting in 1867 and coming up to today.

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NOW AVAILABLE! The new book from Adam Fletcher Sasse of NorthOmahaHistory.com called #OmahaBlackHistory: African American People, Places and Events from the History of Omaha, Nebraska. Order #OmahaBlackHistory.com right now! »

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KETV FEATURE! Catch Adam Fletcher Sasse on KETV Channel 7 in a feature by Melissa Fry focused on his new book, #OmahaBlackHistory. She features an interview with him, shares context for why the book matters, and more.