North Omaha Boulevard System

A History of Boulevards in North Omaha

This is a history of the boulevard system in North Omaha, Nebraska. Established in 1889, it is currently experiencing a renaissance from interested groups and might possibly be refurbished by the City of Omaha.

Ponca School, N. 45th and Ponca Road, North Omaha, Nebraska

A History of the Ponca School

North Omaha has several historic schools. Their past is largely lost though, and few around still celebrate the stories lived in those schools or the communities that grew up around them. This is a history of one of North Omaha’s most historic schools, called the Ponca School.

This is a history of the music of North Omaha, by Adam Fletcher Sasse for

A History of Music in North Omaha

This is a summary of a LOT of music in North Omaha over the last 150 years, including jazz, soul, blues, hip hop, gospel, pop, and so much more. Get introduced some of the people, places, events, and more from North Omaha’s musical history.

History of Bakeries in North Omaha by Adam Fletcher Sasse for

History of Bakeries in North Omaha

Once located all over North Omaha, there are few bakeries left — but lots of memories! This is an account of some of the bakeries from the community’s history.

Doctors Make Purchase of Land, Omaha Star, June 15, 1945

Biography of Dr. Craig Morris

One African American dentist in Omaha was a civil rights advocate, economic justice activist, and medical leader in the community. Then he simply left North Omaha. This is a biography of his life in the community.

Levi Carter (1830-1903) of Omaha, Nebraska

A Biography of Levi Carter

A wealthy industrialist worked hard, then died. His wife gave the City of Omaha a lot of money to commemorate his life, and today the name is all over East Omaha. This is a biography of Levi Carter.