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A History of North Omaha’s J.J. Pershing Drive and Monument

On Veterans Day, 1941, there was a giant parade for the dedication of a new monument to honor the life of John J. Pershing, General of the Armies during World War I. The City of Omaha named a new roadway leading from Abbott Drive to River Drive after him, as well. This is the story

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Dynamic Past, Hope-filled Future: North Omaha History, Volume Three Now On Sale!

(Olympia, WA: December 1, 2016) The final book of Adam Fletcher Sasse’s series, North Omaha History: Volume Three, is now available from CommonAction Publishing. In the third book of the North Omaha History Series, Adam Fletcher Sasse reveals a lot of the hidden, denied and neglected history of one of the oldest areas of Nebraska’s largest city. Highlighting the […]

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A History of North 20th and Lake Streets in North Omaha

Street signs at 20th and Lake in North Omaha, Nebraska. There are unsung intersections throughout North Omaha. These are places the past treated as important and meaningful, packed with businesses and enterprise, possibilities and the future. Unfortunately, almost every one of them met it’s demise when white flight kicked in and the community ran into […]

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A History of the North Omaha Radar Station

During the 1940s and 1950s, Omaha was the location of several Cold War initiatives outwardly intended to keep the country safe from nuclear war, but ulteriorly designed to frighten and captivate a passive populace. With sparse housing around it but proximity to a major metropolitan area, a location at North 72nd and Highway 36 in […]

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A History of 16th and Locust Historic District in North Omaha

The N. 16th and Locust Street intersection was a beehive of commercial activity for more than a century. The Locust overpass of the MoPac Railroad was a key. Learn more.

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A Biography of North Omaha’s George B. Lake

There is a street that starts in North Omaha and shoots west, with a man so respected by Omahans that more than a century later they named another street after him. North Omaha has been filled with interesting people since the city was founded, and even before that. One of them was Judge George Baker Lake.

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A History of North Omaha’s Binney Street

North Omaha’s historic Binney Street is packed with historical houses, churches and more from 125+ years ago in Nebraska history.