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A Biography of North Omaha’s Eugene Skinner

Dr. Eugene Skinner was Omaha Public Schools’ first Black principal. This is his story.

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A History of Omaha North High School

Omaha North High School is the most spectacular high school in Nebraska, and among the very best in the United States.

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A History of Higher Education in North Omaha

Colleges, universities and other higher education institutions are scattered throughout North Omaha history. Here’s a summary.

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Free Sample from Volume Three!

A FREE excerpt from North Omaha History Volume Three!

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A History of North Omaha’s Technical High School

Judges, teachers, decorated veterans, actors and singers, an Olympian and a Heisman Trophy winner are among its alumni. This is a short history of Omaha Technical High School.

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The History of An Unsolved Murder in North Omaha

Adam’s note: I’m a little hesitant to share this story, but I’m going to. Bad things happen in communities, and this story is part of North Omaha’s history. I’ve removed family names out of respect for the families involved. In September 1909, an 11-year-old African American boy named Othello was murdered in North Omaha. In […]

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A History of the Nebraska School for the Deaf in North Omaha

In 1869, a Deaf man named William DeCoursey French founded the Nebraska School for the Deaf on 23 acres northwest of the City of Omaha. Today, the school is gone and the former campus is blended in with the rest of North Omaha. Its legacy is far from over though.