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A History of Pershing School

This is a history of East Omaha’s demolished Pershing School in the former District 61.

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A History of Omaha’s Chinatown by Ryan Roenfeld

Adam’s Note: This is a special exposè on a rarely-acknowledged but vitally important part of Omaha’s history. Written by local historian Ryan Roenfeld, I believe this history of Omaha’s Chinatown is necessary, vibrant and just a beginning, albeit a deep one! Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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A History of Sulphur Springs, Nebraska

Sulphur Springs was a settlement in the Nebraska Territory from 1854 to 1877. This article shares some of its history.

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A History of the Salvation Army Hospital in North Omaha

The Omaha Salvation Army Women’s Hospital was home to many babies in the city’s history. This is a history about the facility.

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A History of the Wesley House in North Omaha

This is a history of the Wesley House, a modern-times org that rebuilt a neighborhood by changing lives.

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A History of North Omaha’s Provident Hospital

North Omaha’s Provident Hospital was an attempt to challenge the city’s racism. What happened?

19th century 20th century 21st century civic infrastructure East Omaha economics government historic preservation History of Nebraska Lost history neighborhoods poverty water

A History of Omaha’s Winspear Triangle

The Winspear Triangle was a contested land north of downtown, filled with poor people, planned with poor ideas and barely actualized in the present times.