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A History of the Fort Street Special School for Incorrigible Boys in North Omaha

Just like school districts everywhere, Omaha Public Schools has had a challenge serving disengaged students ever since students were mandated to go to school by compulsory school law. In Nebraska, that year was 1887. After a few decades, they had an answer to the challenge these students posed. This is a history of the Fort […]

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A History of Kiddieland and the Pleasure Pier in East Omaha

In the 1950s and 60s, the Kiddieland and Pleasure Pier at Carter Lake Park in Omaha, Nebraska, were a veritable wonderful of fun and good times.

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A History of the North Omaha Riots

Because of when the riots happened and what they did, there are scars on North O that that haven’t healed almost 50 years later. Here’s a history of what happened.

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A North Omaha History Map

Here’s a special treat for readers. Following is a map of historic places in North Omaha created on Google Maps.

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A History of Community Leaders in North Omaha

Today, leaders in North Omaha continue to grow the heart and soul of the community. This article explores what’s happened before…

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A History of Fur Trading in North Omaha

North Omaha’s history began 50 years before the city was a city. North Omaha’s fur trading roots still affect the community today. Here’s the story…