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A History of the Tunnels Beneath Immanuel Hospital

More than just an expedient way to move water, gas and electricity around their massive campus, there were once tunnels throughout the Immanuel Deaconess Institute in the Monmouth Park neighborhood. They were once used to move people, including the dying, the mentally unstable and others. This is a history of the tunnels beneath Immanuel Hospitals […]

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A History of Missing Cemeteries in North Omaha

Prospect Hill Cemetery was not Omaha’s first cemetery. This article explores that, and shares information about the city’s actual first cemeteries, including a few others lost to time.

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A History of the North Omaha Riots

Because of when the riots happened and what they did, there are scars on North O that that haven’t healed almost 50 years later. Here’s a history of what happened.