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A History of the Omaha Auto Speedway

The Omaha Auto Speedway had a short life, but a long impact on racing in the city.

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A History of the Ernie Chambers Court aka Strehlow Terrace in North Omaha

This is a history of the Ernie Chambers Court aka Strehlow Terrace Apartments in North Omaha, Nebraska.

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A History of the Ohio Fish Market in North Omaha

The Ohio Fish Market was a North Omaha institution for 25 years. Discover the history of this iconic restaurant and store…

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A History of North Omaha’s Storz Brewery

Before Gottlieb Storz, a few other entrepreneurs tried their hand at brewing beer in North Omaha. Afterwards though, Storz dominated. For more than 75 years, his family ran Omaha’s beer industry, and even though the brewery closed in the 1970s, it left a major mark on the city that still stands today. This is a […]

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A History of the Execution of Cyrus Tator in North Omaha

Since before the Nebraska Territory was founded in 1854, executions including lynchings, shootings and hangings happened in Omaha. The Omaha Claim Club, established by the city’s founders, used intimidation, threats, and drownings in order to enforce their homesteading over anyone who tried to disagree with them. In 1860, the US Supreme Court made their actions […]

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A History of North Omaha’s Binney Street

North Omaha’s historic Binney Street is packed with historical houses, churches and more from 125+ years ago in Nebraska history.