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A History of North Omaha’s Kountze Park, Once Called Malcolm X Park

Malcolm X Memorial Park sits in the heart of North Omaha’s Kountze Place. Discover why you don’t hear about it anymore.

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A History of the Omaha Black Panthers

The Omaha Black Panthers struggled against white supremacy and oppression from their headquarters in North Omaha.

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A History of the Hash House in North Omaha

This is the story of a cafe called University Lunch once located at 3713 N. 24th St. in North Omaha. Called the “Hash House” by nearby students, it was an institution for 15 years until it closed in 1938. This is its story.

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A History of Anna Wilson’s Mansion in North Omaha

A. D. Jones, Dr. Elizabeth Reeves, Robert Beech Howell, Anna Wilson, the Omaha Old Peoples Home Association, Crosby Funeral Home, and several others were attached to the mansion at 2018 Wirt Street in the Kountze Place neighborhood of North Omaha, Nebraska. What happened to it?

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A History of Churches in North Omaha

In its first 75 years, North Omaha was home to no fewer than four Jewish synagogues, six Catholic parishes and 50 Protestant congregations. These churches reflected the community’s diversity, including ethnic churches where only Italian, German, Norwegian, Danish and other languages were spoke. Within 25 years of Omaha’s founding, there were also several Black churches in the neighborhood north of downtown. Following is a history of churches in North Omaha.

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A History of the John E. Reagan House in North Omaha

With the old country ties in mind, one lawyer in Omaha took it upon himself to bring some fellow Irishmen back to Omaha to stump for “Cowboy” Jim Dahlman, Omaha’s corrupt longtime mayor who was controlled by local boss Tom Dennison. Did his tireless campaigning get him a seat in the Nebraska State Legislature? Was there dirty money involved in building his palatial home?

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A History of North Omaha’s Binney Street

North Omaha’s historic Binney Street is packed with historical houses, churches and more from 125+ years ago in Nebraska history.