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The Lost Monument by Michele Wyman

The Omaha history mystery of the lost monument is unravelled by guest author Michele Wyman.

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A History of Higher Education in North Omaha

Colleges, universities and other higher education institutions are scattered throughout North Omaha history. Here’s a summary.

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A History of Railroads in North Omaha

Its an understatement to say that railroads helped build North Omaha; they were absolutely vital. Here’s a summary of their history.

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A History of the 24th and Fort Intersection in North Omaha

This is a history of the buildings at North 24th and Fort Streets in the Miller Park neighborhood.

20th century 21st century African Americans architecture culture economics historic preservation history Lost history Near North Side Organizations poverty society

A History of the North Omaha Gene Eppley Boys Club

The North Omaha Gene Eppley Boys’ Club was the cradle of youth engagement for a generation of young men. This is a history of the facility.

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A History of North Omaha’s Fort Lisa

This is a history of North Omaha’s Fort Lisa, including its location, history and more.

21st century architecture business civic infrastructure culture historic preservation history Long School Near North Side North 24th Street society

The Recent History of 24th and Lake

This is a modern history of North 24th and Lake Streets in North Omaha. Several buildings and initiatives are detailed.