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A History of the Tunnels Beneath Immanuel Hospital

More than just an expedient way to move water, gas and electricity around their massive campus, there were once tunnels throughout the Immanuel Deaconess Institute in the Monmouth Park neighborhood. They were once used to move people, including the dying, the mentally unstable and others. This is a history of the tunnels beneath Immanuel Hospitals […]

19th century 20th century ghosts Halloween history

A History of the Woman in White in North Omaha

“Where are my children? Are they buried in that tomb?” H. P. Stanwood was an early and popular sculptor and marble cutter in Omaha. Building a house a shop across the street from the city’s first cemetery, Prospect Hill, he sold a lot of headstones and grave markers. Stanwood was a serious man, and when […]

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A History of the Story of Carter Lake’s Burning Lady

A ghost story from the history of North Omaha that happened at present-day Carter Lake Park.

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A History of North Omaha’s Hummel Park

There is a lot of misunderstanding about what happens at Hummel Park. A lot of it comes from racism, a lot from ignorance, and the rest of it from active imaginations. Before we start examining the allegations about the park, let’s look at the actual, factual history of Hummel Park. The Real History of Hummel […]

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A History of the Execution of Cyrus Tator in North Omaha

Since before the Nebraska Territory was founded in 1854, executions including lynchings, shootings and hangings happened in Omaha. The Omaha Claim Club, established by the city’s founders, used intimidation, threats, and drownings in order to enforce their homesteading over anyone who tried to disagree with them. In 1860, the US Supreme Court made their actions […]

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A History of North Omaha’s Prospect Hill Cemetery

There are places in Omaha where ghosts, legends and history come alive. With mysterious burial sites, whispy hauntings and grand memorial trees, the pioneer graveyard called Prospect Hill Cemetery may be the most haunted of all. Read on to learn more…