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A History of Truck Farms in East Omaha

One part of Omaha has stayed in touch with its agricultural roots for more than a century. This is a history of small family farms and the changing landscape in East Omaha.

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A History of Reed’s Ice Cream in Omaha

Reed’s Ice Cream was a business in Omaha for more than 25 years. This article is about their business in North Omaha specifically…

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A History of the Hash House in North Omaha

This is the story of a cafe called University Lunch once located at 3713 N. 24th St. in North Omaha. Called the “Hash House” by nearby students, it was an institution for 15 years until it closed in 1938. This is its story.

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A History of North Omaha’s Fair Deal Cafe

Soul food was served in mighty heaps at Omaha’s old “Black City Hall.” Learn about the legacy of the original Fair Deal Cafe…