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A History of Grocery Stores in North Omaha

This is a history of how people get food in a North Omaha, Nebraska.

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A History of the Omaha Market House

This is a history of a controversial, then popular, then forgotten idea in Omaha called the Market House.

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A History of a Sod House in North Omaha

This is the history of a sod house in North Omaha.

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History of Carter’s Cafe

Soul food, community building and culture held sway for 35+ years at Carter’s Cafe. This article includes a biography of Lucy Carter (1901-1983).

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New Market

The New Market was a large open air market along North 16th Street.

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A History of North Omaha’s Tic Toc Diner

Built around 1905, like many historical commercial buildings in North O, 4104 North 24th Street has had several lives since it was built. Most of it is focused on the iconic Tic Toc Diner. Here’s a low-down of the history of another of North Omaha’s greasy spoons… It was a pool hall, barber shop and […]

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A History of North Omaha’s Live Wire Cafe

The Live Wire Cafe succeeded in a place during a time when other businesses were fleeing. Here’s the history of this North Omaha business.