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A History of 3467 North 42nd Street

Adam’s Note: Here’s another normal house history from North Omaha. Focused on an address where everyday North Omaha people lived, this house is similar to the other exposés I’ve written. Over more than 125 years, some of these homes have fallen apart and others were bulldozed, while the vast majority of original houses are still filling […]

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A History of North Omaha’s Belvedere Point Neighborhood

A history of the Belvedere neighborhood in North Omaha, Nebraska.

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A History of the Nebraska School for the Deaf in North Omaha

In 1869, a Deaf man named William DeCoursey French founded the Nebraska School for the Deaf on 23 acres northwest of the City of Omaha. Today, the school is gone and the former campus is blended in with the rest of North Omaha. Its legacy is far from over though.

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Architectural Styles in North Omaha

Despite its reputation, North Omaha has always been a place for extravagance, embellishment and architectural celebration. Dozens of homes are remarkable today for their illustration of various housing designs that aren’t present throughout the rest of the city, and they deserve to be highlighted. Following are descriptions of popular architectural styles in North Omaha. Eastlake […]

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A History of North Omaha, Part 2

Between 1870 and the 1950s, A LOT happened in North Omaha. This is a summary of the people, events, organizations and more that made history…

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A History of Fontenelle Park in North Omaha

A history of the Fontenelle Park in North Omaha, Nebraska by Adam Fletcher Sasse. Includes baseball, parks and recreation, fireworks and more!

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A History of Schools in North Omaha

If walls could talk, North Omaha’s schools would be much noisier, much more colorful, and much more complicated than anyone wants to hear. For more than 150 years, schools throughout the community have served students of all ages. With a deep history including segregation and school violence, its can be hard to remember all the positive people and events that emerged in the community’s schools. Following is my ever-growing history of the old schools in North Omaha.