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A History of Squatter’s Row in North Omaha

One area that benefited a lot from Nebraska’s pro-squatting law was a little strip in North Omaha, from North 11th Street on the east to North 13th on the west; Nicholas Street on the south to Locust on the north. This area was home to the North Omaha rail yards, but the railroads didn’t have without any concern for the squatters were starting putting up their shacks there as early as the 1860s.

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A History of the Town of East Omaha

Once upon a time, there was an unincorporated town of 2,400 people south of Eppley Airfield, west of the Missouri River. A school, stores, bars, churches and a large dump were fixtures in the community. Today, its almost entirely gone and memories are quickly disappearing. This is a history of the town of East Omaha…

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A History of 16th and Locust Historic District in North Omaha

The N. 16th and Locust Street intersection was a beehive of commercial activity for more than a century. The Locust overpass of the MoPac Railroad was a key. Learn more.

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A History of East Omaha’s Florence Lake

Along the wild timeline of the Missouri River, a little nest of water was created in East Omaha, Nebraska. When European settlers saw it, they called it Florence Lake. Here’s a short history of its appearance, some appreciation, and its disappearance.

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A History of the River Drive in Omaha

An Art Deco tree taken from the 1919 report where the majority of this article was drawn from. Imagine a smooth, easy drive on a Saturday afternoon in the fall all of it weaving along nineteen miles of the city’s waterfront. There are long, calm curves and tall, stately oaks lining the boulevard, with walkers […]

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Architectural Styles in North Omaha

Despite its reputation, North Omaha has always been a place for extravagance, embellishment and architectural celebration. Dozens of homes are remarkable today for their illustration of various housing designs that aren’t present throughout the rest of the city, and they deserve to be highlighted. Following are descriptions of popular architectural styles in North Omaha. Eastlake […]

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A History of Streetcars in North Omaha

This is a history of streetcars in North Omaha, Nebraska.