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Biography of Anderson Bell

This is a story of Pvt. Anderson Bell (1838-1903) of North Omaha, a Black soldier in the Civil War.

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Biography of Dr. William W. Peebles

A founder of Omaha’s first African American post of the American Legion, Dr. W.W. Peebles DDS kept a 50+ year dental practice in Omaha.

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A History of the Potter’s Field in North Omaha

This is a history of charity burials of the unidentified and impoverished at Potter Field in North Omaha.

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The Oldest Places in North Omaha

MY list of 75 places in North Omaha that are over 117 years old, give or take a few places.

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A History of North Omaha’s J. F. Bloom and Company

Omaha has always been a good place to die.

Starting in the 1840s when the first trails were cut through the area, people were laid to rest all across the city. With cemeteries scattered across North Omaha, it made sense for a stonecutter to make his work in the community.

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A History of the Central Park Neighborhood in North Omaha

Tucked away in North Omaha is a historic neighborhood that gets little attention. However, the people who’ve lived there have vibrant memories and meaningful stories that lasted a lifetime. The Central Park neighborhood extends from North 33rd to North 48th Streets, from Ames Avenue to Sorenson Parkway. Located west of the town of Saratoga, it was never an incorporated town like its neighbors in Irvington or Benson. A lot of the oral histories of the area talked about it being a rural community, surrounded by farms and fields, orchards and more. Rising from cornfields and hills, the Central Park neighborhood has a long history starting in the 1880s. Here are details I could find about the neighborhood.

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A History of Cemeteries in North Omaha

Did you know that North Omaha has at least eight historic cemeteries? Serving religious and ethnic populations as well as the general public, these are the final resting places of thousands of people from the 1840s through today.