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A History of North Omaha’s Fair Deal Cafe

Soul food was served in mighty heaps at Omaha’s old “Black City Hall.” Learn about the legacy of the original Fair Deal Cafe…

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A History of North Omaha, Part 1

Almost a thousand years ago early American Indians roamed the thick woodlands the lined the Missouri River bottoms in East Omaha. There were fishing ponds and hideaways, both excellent for keeping the small western villages of the Woodlands culture that dotted the area. On the plateau above the river was a prairie that looked more […]

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The Lynching of George Smith

On October 18, 1891, not thirty years before the lynching of Will Brown, Omahans carried out an even more heinous breach of justice than the lynching of George Smith…

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A History of the Jack Johnson Riot in Omaha

In July 1910 racial tension flared towards Omaha’s African-American community after a tremendous upset victory by boxer Jack Johnson versus James Jeffries in Reno, Nevada.

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A History of the Kountze Place Neighborhood in North Omaha

North Omaha’s wealthy suburb for rich people didn’t take off when its namesake first platted it. Following is a history of Omaha’s Kountze Place neighborhood.

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A History of Community Leaders in North Omaha

Today, leaders in North Omaha continue to grow the heart and soul of the community. This article explores what’s happened before…

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Fast facts about African Americans in Omaha

Omaha has staggering poverty, particularly among African Americans, that is disproportionate to its total population. This from a city that has prided itself for forward-development for more than 20 years. The following statistics speak for themselves.