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Notable African American Women in Omaha History

Black women have done all kinds of work as mothers, businesswomen, teachers, ministers, politicians, and in other roles to make the community great. This is a history of some of the notable African American women in North Omaha.

19th century 20th century Activism biography Black leader Black politicians historic preservation Lost history Organizations Politics racism

A Biography of Anna R. Woodbey

One woman from North Omaha made it her life’s work to ban the demon’s spirit, juice, sauce, hooch, vino, and liquid courage from everywhere, all the time. This is a biography of Anna R. Woodbey.

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A Biography of Nathaniel Hunter

This is a biography of a longtime African American leader in North Omaha’s history, Nathaniel Hunter.

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A Biography of Bertha Calloway

This is a biography of historian and North Omaha leader Bertha Calloway (1925-2017). She was a Civil Rights activist, museum founder, historian, author, student, educator, speaker, promoter, playwright, journalist, administrator, mentor, wife and mother.

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A History of Businesses Owned By African Americans in Omaha

This is a history of Black-owned businesses, African American entrepreneurship and more in North Omaha since 1854.

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A Biography of Jessie Hale-Moss

This is a biography of Jessie Hale-Moss, a strong Black female leader in North Omaha who served as one of the first leaders of Omaha’s NAACP.

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A History of North Omaha’s Fair Deal Cafe

Soul food was served in mighty heaps at Omaha’s old “Black City Hall.” Learn about the legacy of the original Fair Deal Cafe…