Military Theater, 2216 Military Avenue, North Omaha, Nebraska

A History of the Military Theater

This is a history of the Military Theater, which operated from 1928 to 1975 in North Omaha. Today the building is home to Grace Apostolic Church.

This is a history of the music of North Omaha, by Adam Fletcher Sasse for

A History of Music in North Omaha

This is a summary of a LOT of music in North Omaha over the last 150 years, including jazz, soul, blues, hip hop, gospel, pop, and so much more. Get introduced some of the people, places, events, and more from North Omaha’s musical history.

Goodwill Spring Musical Choirs, North Omaha, Nebraska

A History of Black Churches in Omaha

Omaha’s tradition of Black churches started less than a decade after the founding of the city in 1865. With de facto segregation the norm in the city by then, African Americans were denied seats in white churches. Not to be without a spiritual home, the city’s pioneer Blacks founded their own places of worship. This is an introduction to Omaha’s historic Black churches.